Coffee With A Cop #2


The West Palm Beach Police Dept. held it’s second “Coffee With A Cop” where questions and concerns from the public are addressed by the police officers who ride our neighbors, are aware of the problems, and are committed to keeping our streets safe.

This affair was a little different from the original because eight students from Forest Hill High School were in attendance. These students are part of the Criminal Justice Academy and all want to be future Police Officers. I spoke with one young lady who told me she wanted to attend the Police Academy after she served in the armed forces. She is faced with the decision between the Army or Navy. Her head is firmly planted on her shoulders and she has a vision of what she wants to do with her future. These are children their parents can be proud of, but let’s not lose sight of the facts these kids are making wise decisions which will effect their lives and future.
Officer Acevedo is with the Forest Hill High School, and works in unison with the WPBPD to mentor these extraordinary young people who have decided to dedicate their career’s to Law Enforcement.

The next WPBPD “Coffee with a Cop” will also be a Family Fun Day. Free coffee for adults and an ice cream cone or apples for the kids. It is scheduled to be held at McDonald on Saturday 1/14/17 from 10-12 pm at 1720 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Please stop by and bring the kids, ask questions, find answers, and if you have suggestions share them. They want to hear from you. Help the police, help you.