Who is Martina Tate Walker?

The story below was first published 3/7/2018 and I am once again attempting to introduce Ms. Walker to residents and voters who are concerned about the direction our city is moving in with overdevelopment, traffic congestion and Commissioner Shoaf voting with developers every time ignoring residents concerns.

Ms. Walker lost the election to Commissioner Shoaf in 2018 and I must ask myself is WPB better off today. My opinion, no it is not, with developers contributing dollars to the Shoaf campaign to again insure her re-election so she can continue to support their projects.

I first heard Ms. Walker speak at the first City Commission debate where she is running for City Commissioner District 1.

The audience seemed to like not only her, but her message as well. After listening to her views and hopes for the city I wanted to meet and speak with her, and am happy I made the effort. Here’s what I learned.

Ms. Walker doesn’t have sponsors throwing big money at her. In fact Ms. Walker has no money. You wont see yard signs, t-shirts or fliers in your mailbox. She has no campaign manager guiding her. You will not see the Chamber of Commerce or Related funding her election with expectations of a payback with her vote if she’s elected.

So who is this woman, and why does she want to be a City Commissioner?
Ms. Walker is an ordained minister, and told me her strongest assets are her God, and family.

When I asked her what she wanted people to know about her she mentioned integrity first, her transparency(what you see, is what you get) She feels it is important to listen to people, but places more importance on hearing them. Re-read that last line and think about it. She understands problems, but places more importance on finding the solutions.

Martina retired after 25 years from the PBC Health Dept; working in Human Resources and 6 years with USPS.
Important topics for her are children and the elderly.
For the kid’s she wants the city’s to engage in finding ways to entertain children, and supply a way to move them from point A to point B. She asked me what good a soccer field would do kids if they don’t have a way to get there. I didn’t have a answer.
She would like to see more affordable housing for the elderly, and support groups for them.

I asked her how she spent her day’s, and I thought my pen would run out of ink before she finished.
She councils married folks, singles, elderly and most important to her, children.
She “partners” with FPL requesting they not shut off a customers electricity and finds a way to bring the account up to date and find acceptable payment plans.
Partners with DCF to assist folks acquire food stamps.
Partners with Toy’s for Tot’s.
Partners with food banks and delivers food to needy families.
Works with programs for Youth Bullying.
Rides 12 hours a month with the C.O.P. (Citizens on Patrol) program.
Visits Nursing Homes and Hospital’s.
My next question was how she found the time and energy to do it all. Her answer: “God gives me the time and energy and all the guidance I need”.

What you have read is not known to many people only herself and the people she helps. Ms. Walker has an almost innocent childlike way about herself, but I wouldn’t want to try and pull anything over on her.

I like this lady very much, I believe what she say’s, and have no problem supporting her in her bid for a commission seat.