Why WPB Needs Your Taxes!

The taxpayers of WPB pay $12,000.00 a month for Federal lobbyist Holland and Knight to represent the city. Commissioners James and Robinson constantly travel to League of Cities running behind Holland and Knight, spending tax dollars and cannot tell the residents paying the tab what they have accomplished. Commissioner Robinson once reported on a trip from Washington, DC. Mayor Muoio wrote letters to Representatives Frankel, Murphy and Hastings, and none of the 3 received the letters. Frankel & Murphy have offices on Military Trail, and Hastings has his office in Ft. Lauderdale. It cost the taxpayers $5,221.57 to learn that letters were not delivered in Washington. Waste!

Commissioner James traveled to Hollywood Florida (100 miles round trip) and spent 2 nights in a hotel and it cost the taxpayers $845.56 When the PB Post questioned him on the motel stay he claimed early morning meetings. After receiving a Public Records Request I learned every meeting was held in the afternoon except for the Continental breakfast which was 7-9 AM. Commissioner James lied, and took advantage of the taxpayers. At a city work session 7/1/13 Commissioner James mentioned the travel budget was depleted and he and Commissioner Robinson traveled at their own expense on a second trip to Washington DC. In reality the taxpayers paid a total of $675.00 air fair. Another lie by Commissioner James.

Commissioner Robinson has received over the years a car allowance totaling $67,900.00 so why when he travels on his day trips to Orlando does he present a travel expense report for tolls and gas and receive reimbursement of approximately $100.00. for each trip? Why does Dorrett Miller sign off on all these expenditures? What’s the purpose of the car allowance?

When the commission placed $10,000.00 in the travel budget, it was with the understanding they would seek permission from the commissioners to access the money. Together they have made numerous trips, spent thousands of taxpayer dollars and it is all done at a commission work sessions held at 10:00 AM away from public view, where input from residents is not allowed. The commissioners supposedly are to vote on matters at a regular mayor/city commission meeting held at 5:00 PM where residents have a right to address their commissioners. If they feel they are acting properly, why the need to be so devious about it?

Commissioner Ike Robinson is 76 years old and has been eligible for Medicare for 11 years, but chooses instead the “Cadillac” Executive Employees plan, paid entirely by the taxpayers of WPB. The “Cadillac” plan cost the Commissioners not one dime in contributions or deductibles. The insurance monthly premium schedule for 2012 has the residents paying $1,349.30/mth, or $16,191.60/ yr. for commissioner Robinson and his wife. I estimate the total for this one commissioner to be in the ballpark of between $150,000.00 to $180,000.00 dollars over the years. That combined with his car allowances adds up to approximately $200,000.00 over 11 years. Not bad for two perks, and a retired guy. Commissioner Robinson has stated he will not run again in 2015. I say about time.