What the City of WPB Don’t Want Residents To See!

Below is my comment that I read at the city commission meeting held on 11/25/13. I received an e-mail from a friend this morning and he liked my presentation, but wondered why the city didn’t show the pictures I presented but kept the camera on me the entire time.
There were approximately 10-12 residents in the commission chambers but I hoped to reach the audience watching the meeting’s in their homes.

My intention was to show the public how badly the homes have deteriorated to the point where repairs are not possible. This section of the city know as the Northwest has a large population of African Americans, many of who have given up the idea of a clean, decent place to live. Other residents still hoping for a city to recognize them have created a “Wall of Freedom” and residents have written their thoughts and thoughts of other’s such as Martin Luther King in order to keep hope alive. Hopefully you will take time to view the pictures. Below is the statement that was read to the mayor and City Commissioners.

“At a recent CRA meeting Mayor Muoio & Commissioner Mitchell were offended by Mr. William Waters, who was representing The Urban Group, when he responded to a question “What area of the city do you see as the greatest challenge if you are selected?”

Mr. Waters expressed a feeling that the citizens in the Northwest Historic District, Tamarind Avenue and Rosemary Avenue, had not been afforded advantages to having economic access or social justice to improve their condition. He also stated, those areas have been historically left behind since the areas were developed.

The Northwest section that Mr. Waters spoke of is 5/10 of a mile from city hall. Lets see if the mayor and commissioner had reason to be offended. (SHOW PICTURES)

The city did not cause this blight, but this city is responsible for allowing a section of the city to develop into what it has become by ignoring the problem and allowing it to continue.

Is the CRA plan to eventually take this property as the city did with the property of homeowners in another section of the Northwest in order to build City Place, with a large turnover of businesses and is now in foreclosure.

CRA under the direction of RMA owned and operated by Kim Briesemeister, who is responsible for City Hall 150 million, the waterfront 30 million, and the loss of 2 million dollars wasted with Digital Domain, which that loss can be shared with Commissioner Mitchell.

If this mayor and city commissioners are satisfied with RMA and Kim Briesemeister way of doing business then by all means award her the contract which she has already been told was her’s.”