Waterview Towers Vs. WPB

On Oct.14, 2014 the City Commissioners met and authorized approval of settlement for three (3) lawsuits filed against the city. The total amount was $240,775.00, which when added to previous lawsuits will bring the total for the last 3 years to $2,810,665.00 in taxpayer dollars. The city isn’t done wasting your money.

Because the city cannot follow the rules they themselves set, on building height, density, and set back, three (3) more lawsuits have followed. It appears residents are fed up and not going to take it any more and appear ready to fight back. The new suits are: Chapel by the Lake, Waterview Towers, and Rybovitch. This story will focus on the Waterview Towers Vs. City of WPB, and you will be kept updated as the story progresses.

The cast of character’s are as follows:

Rick Green, Development Services Director, is a member of “staff” who recommends approval of developments such as Chapel by the Lake, Rybovitch, and Waterview Towers.

Ana Maria Aponte is the City Urban Designer.

Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell, elected in March 2002.

Richard Pinsky, a Registered Lobbyist in West Palm Beach, and former husband of Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell.

My understanding of the situation is the city (taxpayers) owns the land that the Waterview Towers, which is located on Flagler Dr. along with the Palm Harbor Marina and the piece of land they want developed as the Palm Harbor Hotel. Previous commissioners voted that 2 pieces of this property were to be made commercial (Marina and Hotel) and one residential. (Waterview Towers)

The city gave a 99 year lease to Chase Enterprise who built the Waterview Towers, and to entice people to buy, placed into its documents that nothing over 4 stories was to be built next to the Waterview. Good incentive to purchase.

Now the developers want to build an 8 story hotel, and next to the hotel a 3 story garage, and the city, true to form want the developers to have their way. Now what to do with that pesky documents that say’s nothing over 4 stories. What to do, What to do?

There is a rumor going around, with people in the know, that Chase Enterprise has joined the fray, and there supposedly are letters going back and forth, for which we are trying to get copies. They must be informative because we can’t beg, borrow, or steal them. We will continue trying, and if they do exist we will continue this story.

We obtained a copy of a letter written by the Board of Directors to keep Waterview residents informed of a meeting held on Sept. 19,2014 between city employees, city commissioner Mitchell, and Richard Pinsky. Please click here to read the letter.