Where is Cory Neering?

Cory Neering is a man who has thrown his hat into the ring in the race for Commissioner Ike Robinson’s, District 2 seat. Mr. Neering has stated publicly that Commissioners Mitchell & Materio are backing him in the race. We believe if he wins the district he will be Commissioner Mitchell & Materio’s third vote on the dais and support them with his vote for a WPB Charter School & their new endeavor to outsource city water. Yes, you read that right, both commissioners want to outsource our city water. You good with that?

If I wanted to run for a commission seat and sitting commissioners reached out and offered assistance, by guaranteeing me they could swing the western, southern, and black vote and I accepted their offer and was elected would I be reminded that I owed them? Yes, I would. Would I be obligated to repay them by voting their way? Yes, I would. Could I possibly forget the people who trusted my word and placed their faith in me to vote with the city’s best interest in mind. Quite possibly.

When Gregg Weiss ran for Commissioner in District 5 campaign I was happy and eager to offer assistance wherever I could. We walked neighborhoods throughout the city as he spoke to voter’s and explained why he believed himself to be the better candidate, and answered all questions put to him. Mr. Weiss had lists of what is referred to as “super” voters. These are list of voters that show up in city, county, state and federal elections. These are residents, black, white, and brown that take their civic duties seriously, study the issues, and vote. They care about their government and want the best possible representation, and a candidate who will be honest and forthcoming with them.

One of the neighborhoods Mr. Weiss campaigned in was where I have resided and called home for over 28 years, Spencer Lakes. I still retain the list of “super” voters, and they are still consistent in their voting habits because I see them at the polls, and we often discuss the outcome of the election.

Here is what the story is leading to. The picture posted with this story is Cory Neering, and I’m told his son, standing at the entrance to Spencer Lakes taken on Saturday Dec. 6th when Mr. Neering supposedly canvassed the neighborhood, speaking to residents, explaining his views on different issues, and most importantly answering questions that concerned citizen’s had. Voter’s need assurance you are who you say you are.

I first met Mr. Neering when he appeared at our Spencer Lakes Homeowner meeting and made his presentation, and then took questions. The only question I had was where he stood on WPB Charter Schools. Mr. Neering explained he was a parent with children, and believed parents had the right to choose to send their children to public or charter school.

I was surprised to receive Mr. Neering’s picture in an e-mail, and wondered why he neglected to ring my door bell as I am on the list of “super” voters. When I canvassed my neighbors and asked if they received a visit from any candidates, or was any literature left (in case they were out) I was assured no one had visited or left any material.

What does this tell you? It tells me Mr. Neering stood on the sidewalk, had his picture taken, jumped in his car, drove home and placed his picture on face book. Does this sound like a man who is taking his campaign and issues seriously?

Does Mr. Neering care about what concerns the residents of Spencer Lakes, after all we are in district 2, which he will represent? Was Mr. Neering being deceitful with his actions? I’ve answered the question for myself, you have to answer for yourself.