WPB Exposed…Again

Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, is it superwoman? No, it’s mild-mannered reporter, Pat Beall, an investigative reporter for the Palm Beach Post, fighting for truth, justice and the American way for the residents of WPB.

Ms Beall has done it again, she’s made the front page of the PB Post, above the fold, on December 14, 2014. The revealing story “Eye-popping Fixes for Blight” tells the story of West Palm Beach city housing department still plagued by mismanagement, and ineffective managers, who continues to cost taxpayers millions of dollars in wasted funds.

Mayor Muoio should have a plaque on her desk that reads “The Buck Stops Here” for it is her responsibility to ensure that the residents of West Palm Beach have the most qualified, knowledgeable managers that money can buy. Mayor Muoio who is up for reelection in March 2015, in my opinion has failed in her duties and responsibilities of mayor to the residents of West Palm Beach who put their faith in her 4 years ago.

It is a well-known fact that the city has been through 8 directors in 8 years. Think about that! What does that tell you about the leadership of our city? Elliot Cohen, the city spokesman, was quoted as saying “We’ve hardly hidden the fact that record-keeping in our housing department going back almost 10 years has been unacceptable and we’ve been up front about it.” How can Mr. Cohen honestly state “we’ve been up front about it” when it took the Palm Beach Post multiple investigative stories to disclose exactly what was happening in the housing department. After the exposure by the post then, and only then, was the city “up front”, and I question if the city’s leaders are still holding back information.

You can read the entire story by Miss Beall below, and I ask you to pay attention to the waste of taxpayer dollars, which was intended for the poorest of the poor, the neediest residents, and the city has failed them miserably. Some example of waste mentioned in the story consist of: $700.00 for 23 light bulbs bought and installed (by installed I mean the bulb was screwed into the socket). A home valued at $19,000.00 the city spent $101,000.00 for repairs including $9,700.00 for the owner to stay in a hotel while work was being done. The city paid $600.00 to have a toilet bought and installed. One homeowner was to have a new roof costing $4,500.00 and it turned out to be $44,000.00 rehab job. Are you mad yet? Are you asking yourself “Why isn’t someone in jail?” I know I am.

Mayor Muoio, as the head of WPB has the authority to hire and fire managers and staff. The Post has written stories concerning major problems in city departments such as Human Resources, a total embarrassment to the city and mayor. The city (mayor) has been negligent in Parks & Recreation, IT (Information Technology), and major concern’s in housing and HUD. Do you know who Dorritt Miller is? She is the Deputy City Administrator, drawing a salary of over $200,000.00 /year, and the 4 departments mentioned above report to Ms. Miller. The mayor continues to keep her on the payroll. Why? Mayor Muoio is asking for our vote to continue her leadership another four years. Why should we trust her, with four more years after we have witnessed the last four? Please get involved. If not you, who?

Please read Ms. Beall’s very informative story EYE-POPPING FIXES FOR BLIGHT.