Voter’s Have Spoken

The voters have spoken and overwhelming reelected Commissioner Sylvia Moffett to another term as District 1 representative with 59% of the vote. The voters have shown their faith in her and the job she has done, and will continue to do. WPB Watch congratulates Commissioner Moffett for a job well done.

A disappointment for me is the 68% of voters who voted to grant property tax exemption to new businesses and the expansions of existing ones.


The city played the “job” card, and voters bought it. With signs going up throughout the city with the last line reading:
“Paid Political Advertisement Paid for by Jobs for WPB, 401 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401″  Click on the sign to enlarge.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane. A complaint was filed with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) when the city paid, through the City Attorney’s office, (McKenna) for the following items:
$904.00 for 200 t-shirts.
$105.75 for 500 2” labels (stickers)
$2,500.00 for 4 charter buses, a total of $3,509.75.

The city spent tax payers dollars to transport residents, while wearing t-shirts and stickers (opposing the extension) too attend a March 21,2012 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) public hearing regarding the proposed extension of State Road 7.
Three buses were assigned to take residents from the western communities, all gated, while one was to take passengers from down town. City employees wearing their t-shirts were bused to the hearing. The OIG found the complaint to be legitimate and a letter was sent to Mayor Muoio. The last paragraph read.

“No response to this letter is required, as it only serves to notify you of the complaint and our subsequent review of the expenditures as they relate to the Attorney General’s opinion that such decisions be made by the legislative and governing body involved.”  No sanctions, just a reminder to the city.

Lets return to the sign mentioned above where I list the 401 N. Flagler Dr. address.

According to the PBC Property Appraisers Office, the owners are:
West Palm Beach City of Lessor
PBC & Chamber of Comm Lessees.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 3366
5TH FLR Finance Dept.
West Palm Beach Fl 33402 3366
It is my opinion the city paid tax payer dollars to have the signs made. The city is the “Paid for by Jobs for WPB” The finance dept. at city hall is located on the 5th. floor where the bill will be sent for the signs.

Here is an example of three hotels in WPB listing their Market Value and taxes paid. These hotels will continue to pay property taxes, I only offer them as an example of what will be lost in property taxes.

Marriott 1001 Okeechobee Blvd.
Market Value: $27,131,123.00
2015 taxes paid: $636,664.00.

Hyatt 295 Lakeview Ave.
Market Value: $17,630,880.00
2015 taxes paid: $441,222.00

Double Tree 1808 S. Australian Ave.
Market Value: 12,293,726.00
2015 taxes paid: $306,317.00

These three hotel’s pay almost 1.4 million dollars in taxes.

The Sun Sentinel reports the newest 400 room Hilton hotel, roughly $110 million dollars, built next to the Convention Center, and scheduled to open early this year. Read the story below.

Hilton West Palm Beach marks construction milestone – Sun Sentinel

Another  hotel to be built on the “old” city hall site will not be paying property taxes.

They are “new” businesses and will bring jobs to WPB.

The hotel’ will hire: administration, maids, waiter/waitresses, housekeepers, bellhops,valet. With the exception of administrators, most will be minimum paying jobs, which will insure more profit for the businesses. What they save in property tax will support paying for the new jobs. Profit, profit, profit. Please don’t concern yourself with the loss of property taxes, as you will see your property taxes raised to make up the difference.

I am attempting to open a new business called Sandy’s Dog Walking, and will hire a retired friend to help me and hopefully I wont have to pay property taxes in 2017. Think it will fly?