Commissioner Neering & Ties That Bind

Com Neering

I have witnessed how difficult it is for the city to have kids attend any type of program that would benefit their lives. Hard to get the word out, harder to draw them in.

Commissioner Cory Neering, understanding the problems with the youth in the Northend of the city had an idea. He gathered friends and acquaintances met with them over the course of a few months and Cory and 15 volunteers had a plan emerge. Now to put it into action.

The program was given the name “Ties That Bind” and it involved middle school children ages 12-15, an extremely vulnerable age.
Commissioner Neering approached the Roosevelt & Conniston Schools and the children were invited to attend.
Did they go? Yes, 61 children attended.

The program was held in the Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday May 14 between the hours of 8:30 am – 1:30 pm.

There was a dress code and young men were required to wear a suit or sport jacket and bring a tie.

The program began with breakfast. Commissioner Neering gave an opening statement, then it was down to business.

The children were put into groups of 15 and they discussed the 4 topics below for approximately 30 – 40 minutes each then moved to the next topic.

Law Enforcement Encounters
Communication Skills
Decision Making/Conflict
Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship

The main complaint of the children were fear of the police. There were two police officers who attended and the interaction between the two was telling. There was roll playing and the police explained the importance of respecting the officer if they were stopped and questioned. Both the police and children had a better understanding of the role each played. It was an excellent exercise.

The mentors, which included business men, explained how important appearance was when applying for a job. Your hair should be cut, your clothes should fit, no baggy pants, you should be polite and respectful when being interviewed.
The fifteen men who volunteered their time to listen and teach this group of children are to be commended for a job well done.

Many of these young men come from one parent homes, and it’s generally the mom who is at home with their children. Things that are taken for granted such as teaching your son to tie a tie is lost on many. All 61 children with the help of their mentors learnt to wear a tie. I can only imagine how many young men still stand in front of a mirror practicing their new found skill.

When it was all over, they broke for lunch, with everyone eating together,the conversations continued. More questions asked and answered.

A young man, active in politics, asked Commissioner Neering if he objected to him approaching the City Commissioners of Boynton Beach and request they bring his program to their city. Commissioner Neering gave his blessing.

Many of the parents who attended with their sons thanked Commissioner Neering, and it is my understanding he still receives e-mail praising the program.
Commissioner Neering is holding another program in early October, date to be announced, and will once again reach out to the school children.

All this because Commissioner Neering had an idea. What a concept