WPB has a new Chief of Police

“Conduct national search for police chief” is the opinion of the Palm Beach Post as written in the editorial page on Dec.18,2016.
Noticeably missing is the name of the author who penned the article so whether one agrees or disagrees with the editorial there is no name attached if the reader wanted to respond to the author directly.

The Post mentions just five days have passed between Chief Kummerlen announcing his retirement and Mayor Muoio would have Assistant Chief Sarah Mooney, a 22 year veteran as the new Chief of Police. The post goes on to report “Indeed, Mooney appears to be more than qualified to run the 400 person Police Department. As The Post Tony Doris reported, she has a Masters in social work, experience in community outreach and years of work as a hostage negotiator, police trainer, field operations supervisor, and Patrol Division shift commander and Internal Affairs commander.”
With Sarah Mooney’s credentials why does the Post feel ” the city– all of the city– would benefit from a national search to ensure the best person is found for the job”.

The Post found it necessary to mention retiring County Administrator Bob Weisman who was replaced by Deputy County Administrator Verdenia Baker. The story went on to say how much time and money the county wasted looking for a replacement, but states it was time well spent as commissioners and residents were emboldened in the choice of Baker to guide the county. Obviously it was okay with the Post to fly recruits in, put them up in a hotel, pay for transportation and food just to ensure Ms. Baker was right for the job. By now you should realize your taxpaying dollars was used for the county job search.
Thank you Mayor Muoio for not putting city residents through that particular process and wasting taxpayer dollars, when the best candidate for Police Chief was already on the WPB police force.

For the last year I have marched in every Peace March the city has sponsored in the North End of the city where black on black crime and shootings are commonplace. At these walks is when I first noticed Assistant Chief Mooney. In the story the Mayor states “I’ve been watching her for a few years, the way she interact with the public.”

Folks who walk these marches have a minimum of 5 or 6 police officers accompany them keeping everyone safe in the process. What I’ve noticed is the comradery between her and the officers, the easy way they are with one another being able to joke and laugh and their respect for each other is mutual.

On 12/19/2016 the City Commissioners, (with the exception of Commissioner James who wanted a national search) Ratified Mayor Muoio choice for a new Police Chief, and that chief is Sarah Mooney. She has her work cut out for her with police officers due for retirement in 2017 and will need replacing.
I am keeping my eye on a cadet (JC) who is currently at the Police Academy and due to graduate in February. My last conversation with him he told me his grades were in the high 90’s, and he was looking forward to wearing the uniform of the West Palm Beach Police Dept.

Chief Mooney I wish you a smooth transition, and have no doubt you will lead the department with honor, trust and integrity.

I would like to thank Chief Bryan Kummerlen for his 26 years of service to the City of West Palm Beach, and wish him a healthy and happy retirement. You did good.