Three stories in the Post

Three stories written by the Palm Beach Post in Sunday’s paper certainly grabbed my attention.
An editorial titled “Troubling rise in West Palm slaying needs quicker action.”

The story continues “About a third of this years killing’s have been on the city’s North End, in the impoverished neighborhoods inhabited mainly by African- Americans. Almost a third of the victims were males younger than 24.
It is naive to believe that police can stop every shooting in the troubled North End. But it’s also unacceptable to concede that this terrible cycle of killings can’t be mitigated – faster.”

Note to the Post: If you know of a way to “mitigate- faster.” please contact Mayor Muoio of Chief Mooney. I guarantee both will listen.
Everyone has opinions but no ideas or solutions.

It is my opinion these streets are run by gang members selling their drug products to our kids, and God help you if you get in their way, or try to sell your product in “their” neighborhood. What happens? The death rate rises.
I have walked these streets for over a year with public officials and police officers in a monthly “Peace Walk” and have seen neighborhoods with mounds of trash in yards and on city sidewalks and in the streets. I understand ” impoverished” but it doesn’t take money to have pride in you neighborhood and keep yards and the surrounding area clean of debris.
By allowing a neighborhood to deteriorate to this degree residents are sending the message I don’t care, I don’t see what’s going on. This type of neighborhood is exactly what people who don’t obey the law are looking for and they move right in and take over, and hold onto a neighborhood with fear and intimidation.
Please take the time and Google the “Broken Window” which will explain the situation better than I am able too.
The Post continues in part “With the death toll rising, it seems a strange time for city leaders to tout progress in long-term efforts to reduce violence, but that’s just what Muoio and Mooney did on Thursday. They held a press conference.”

Note to the Post: Both women have earned and deserve the respect to be addressed by their title Mayor Muoio and Police Chief Mooney, not Muoio & Mooney.

The Post also neglected to mention when gunshots are heard, residents shut their doors and pull the blinds. When questioned most see and hear nothing. Decent people are living in fear of retaliation. Hell of a way to live–if that’s what you call it.

Second story: ” Killings, gunfire spark fear, anger”
This story concerns WPB neighbor Lake Worth where the fifth homicide this year occurred with the last two in the last week and a half. The Post reports “Residents who live and work in the area appear nervous.” See how the evil spreads?
The Post does not report any programs in the city or anything the residents can become involved. No Peace Walks, no initiatives at all.

Third Story: “Trump protesters march through West Palm Beach”
“About 100 protesters taking aim at President Donald Trump stormed the streets of downtown West Palm Beach on Saturday night in a fairly tense display, halting traffic and surprising bystanders.”
“I think we had more visibility than we’ve had in the past” says Star Fae, a Lake Worth
activist who organized the march a year ago. The story also states:
“West Palm Beach police directed traffic away from the marches, who commanded the downtown streets for about an hour. Crowd-control efforts did not come without discord though, as some officers ordered protestors to march on sidewalks.
They refused, and responded with the chant: “Whose streets? Our streets.”
A police SUV at one point hopped a street medium to get around protestors who blocked it’s path.”
Six protestors wore burgundy cloaks and white bonnets partially hiding their faces.
One Jupiter women made a statement, but refused to give her name.

Third story has a lot of irony to it, and leaves me with some questions, such as:

Why doesn’t activist Star Fae organize a march in her hometown of Lake Worth to combat the shootings and killings happening there? Remember–Charity begins at home.

Why did the protestors disrespect our police officers and march on the sidewalks as directed? We have a Lake Worth and Jupiter resident chanting “Whose streets? Our streets.” No, dears, I am a resident and taxpayer in WPB. It is my street and I have a right to drive downtown without being encumbered by your protest.

Why did the police officer hop a street medium to get around the protesters?
Was a call received to 911 with a report of a murder, rape, robbery, assault, and the protesters made it impossible for the officer to get to a victim?

When I awoke this morning I heard a story on President Donald Trump. Guess he is still president of the free world.