Just Tell The Truth–Please

This story is one example of why American’s have a problem trusting government. They lie! Not everyone with a government job lies, but enough do so we become suspicious of them all. Here’s my story.

I live in Spencer Lakes which is located on the corner of 45th.& Village Blvd. There are 187 homes and most residents are a 2 car family, and if their children live with them add more cars to the equation.

Village Blvd. is a four lane road and many children exit the development on Keats Grove walking across 4 lanes of traffic heading for Palm Beach Lakes High School. There are hundreds of cars exiting and entering the development daily.
Village Boulevard is a race track, and the police have been present where they have ticketed 40 speeders between the hours of 6:30 to 9:30 AM; and they are still ticketing speeders. Ongoing since May.

5/24/17 I sent an e-mail, and included pictures, to Assistant City Manager Scott Kelly detailing the problem residents were having leaving the development.
Driving North on Village drivers enter a curve and many don’t realize/care they are approaching an intersection where a traffic light exists, and they blow right through the red light endangering exiting residents.

6/5/17 Mr. Scott responded he was forwarding my e-mail to “our Transportation Engineer for consideration.” Uyen Dang is the city’s Transportation Engineer.

6/6/17 I forward the entire package including the pictures, previously sent to Mr. Kelly to Uyen Dang. Then I wait for a response. FYI. My computer confirmed Uyen opened my e-mail the day she received it and the IT department can also confirm.

8/10/17 Over two months later another e-mail to Uyen asking for update. Received no response.

8/30/17 Sent another e-mail asking when she is going to respond to me, with a Cc to Mayor Muoio.

8/31/17 Uyen responded with an apology “I apologize for my delay in response, this e-mail was in my spam mail box for quite a while.” The hell it was, she opened it on 6/6/17; and who doesn’t check their spam folder for over 2 months? That was the 1st. lie.
She continues “Our speed study shows that the 85th Percentile of speed on this roadway is traveling at 42MPH and is consistent with the 40 MPH posted speed.”
I don’t care what her speed study shows. Check with the police department who issued the speeding tickets.
Then she recommends “Advanced Warning Flasher” which along with a flashing light has a sign stating
“Be prepared to stop.” We will coordinate with PBC to get this system installed”

8/31/17 E-mail from Uyen to PBC “We would like to request a quote from you to install this system at Village and Shiloh NB and SB.”
OK now were getting somewhere.

10/6/17 I e-mailed Uyen asking for an update. No response

10/12/17 Another e-mail asking for update and included a Cc to Mayor Muoio.
10/12/17 Uyen responds “The request was sent to PBC Traffic. We are waiting for them to respond and give us a quote. I don’t have a status because the ball is not in our court. Thank you for your patience.” (ever hear of follow up?) She responds when mayor is Cc’d a copy of the e-mail.
10/12/17 I respond “Thank you for responding. Can you give me a time frame when you will follow up with the county to see if progress is being made”
10/12/17 Uyen responds “I can give them a call tomorrow and see where were at” That message was the last I heard from Uyen, and the 2nd.lie

11/13/2017 I sent a PRR (public records request) to the city clerk requesting all correspondence between the city and county regarding the “Advanced Warning Flasher” Below is the response dated 4 days after my PRR request. Notice Kelly Cc on e-mail.

Re: TRANSFER: Public Records Request Khanh Uyen Dang to: Kevin C Volbrecht 11/17/2017 01:43 PM
Cc: Erik Ferguson, Hazeline Carson, Jomekeyia McNeil, Scott D Kelly

We had a teleconference with the County to request flashing lights to be installed on Village Blvd. The outcome of the meeting was for the County to add this work request in their list. The County to perform a traffic study at that location to determine if flashing lights warrants. Once the study is complete, they will send us an estimate for us to issue a PO. At this time, we do not have anything to provide for the PRR.
Thank you,
Uyen Dang, PE Engineering Services 401 Clematis Street, 4th Floor P.O. Box 3366 West Palm Beach, FL 33402

11/20/17 I attended the City Commission meeting where I had 3 minutes to explain what you have read so far just giving dates and hi-lites. Of course I didn’t have time to finish.
When I was leaving the meeting Scott Kelly spoke to me and said “the sign was approved.” I repeated it was approved. He said “yes,” now all we have to do is find the money.” 3rd. lie.

What did I do? I talked to many of my neighbors and told them the city came through for us and the project was approved. It was a feel good moment knowing they and their children would finally have a fighting chance leaving the development. I was lied too and passed the lie onto my neighbors.

11/30/17 While attending the Internal Audit meeting I saw Scott in the mezzanine, and he said “Good morning Sandy”
I responded with: “Scott you lied to me about the light being approved”
He responded with: ” I don’t know what your talking about.”and raced into the meeting room like I had leprosy. I followed him in and took my seat. That was the 4th. lie.
He sat for approximately 5 min. and left the meeting room not to return.

So finishing this story my conclusion is:
Uyen Dang, PE Engineering Services, fails to follow up with projects and ignores e-mails.
Scott Kelly, who oversees the dept. can’t be trusted because he also lies and fails to supervise employees. The city can do better!