Who Is Shanon Materio

In my opinion Shannon Materio is not the same woman she was in March 2015, and has evolved into a commissioner I can stand with in her bid for re-election for City Commissioner District 5. My eyes were opened when Commissioner Materio was one of 3 who voted against Zoning and Land Use Changes that would have allowed for the Related project “One Flagler” to move forward, and she was the most outspoken on the dais. If you were at the City Commission meeting held on Sept. 25, 2017 you witnessed a chamber full of residents both for and against Related Developer seeking approval for their 25-story office building namely “One Flagler” to be located on the waterfront, where residents twice voted for a 5 story height limit on any new building.

Development Services Director Rick Greene did all he could to move the project forward, and went out of his way to not mention 3 little words. (Related One Flagler) and continually referred to OBD (Okeechobee Blvd. District.) Mr. Greene and 3 others spent over one hour on their presentation in an attempt to convince commissioners and the public we needed this project to make West Palm Beach a great city. I didn’t realize we were not already a great city. I appreciated the city bringing this to my attention.

Commissioner Neering asked: “If Related didn’t bring this project forward, would we be talking about the OBD?” and later questioned if the project was “spot zoning.” Mr. Greene’s response to Commissioner Neering question was “Yes” we would be discussing OBD, and Mr. Greene denied it was “spot zoning” told a whopper and you could hear the whispering in the audience while the developers smiled.

Commissioner Materio called out Mr. Greene on his denial and said “I disagree with you Rick, we wouldn’t be here if Related didn’t want to build this building, it is “spot zoning, and the city is willing to give away it’s best asset, the waterfront.” When Commissioner Materio was finished, no one had to ask what did she mean, we knew exactly what she meant, they weren’t pulling the wool over her eyes.
I had to investigate the meaning of “spot zoning” and here is the definition.

“Spot zoning is the application of zoning to a specific parcel or parcels of land within a larger zoned area when the zoning is usually at odds with a city’s master plan and current zoning restrictions.– The small size of the parcel is not the sole defining characteristic of a spot zone”

Commissioner James requested that Related CEO be allowed to make a statement Mayor Muoio denied his request.
My thought was what the hell is he doing here, we were just told this meeting was not about “One Flagler”

Now it’s time for comments from the public, and the first speaker was former Mayor Joel Davis who stated he supports Related “One Flagler” and looks forward to it’s completion. 2nd speaker former CC Brandenberg say’s she supports “One Flagler.”3rd. speaker Adelson, another developer, Chamber of Commerce, Developers and Business community along with a few residents all support “One Flagler” Those mentioned above are considered by some to be “Big Hitters” in the city.

Those opposed were many residents along with attorneys for Preserve West Palm Beach Citizens Coalition and CTG. (Citizens for Thoughtful Growth)

Now the commission vote on the project.

Commissioners Ryan & James vote to move the project forward.

Commissioners Neering, Materio and Moffett investigated the proposal, did their homework, and looked at whether the proposed changes to City Zoning Code and the Downtown Master Plan met the standards required. They did not vote for the “Staff Recommends Motion” and most important to me–they listened to the people and looked at the legal requirements for such approval. All three commissioners voted not to move forward.

All three commissioners are the “Big Hitters” for the residents.

This should be the end of the story, but it’s not. Follow up story on Related’s next plan of attack.

Believe me there is one coming.