Shameful City Commission Meeting

5/21/2018 City Commission Meeting with 28 items on the agenda.

At the beginning of every meeting Mayor Muoio makes a point of reading the “Civility and Decorum” which sets the standard for the meeting, what is and is not allowed. There are 5 items listed. I draw your attention to #1. “Officials shall be recognized by the chair and shall not interrupt a speaker”

The City Commission Chamber was nearly filled to capacity with residents who wanted to address item # 22: Resolution No.134-18 accepting the Downtown Mobility Plan, and the supporting Citywide Bicycle Masterplan, the Downtown Parking & Transportation Demand Management Study and the Okeechobee Corridor Study. Item #22 was moved to position #28,
My opinion: Discourage residents from staying.

When #22 was called Mayor Muoio stated in part “I know a lot of you are here to discuss “Flagler Shores” and the OBD (Okeechobee Business District) I want to make a point of clarification were not here tonight to talk about “Flagler Shores” and not here to talk about the OBD. Is that clear? Good, and thank you”

The mayor then called on Scott Kelly (Assistant City Administrator) to address the residents with a con job presentation.
Mr. Kelly first sentence started with “One thing I want to make clear is we have heard stories we are trying to force people out of their cars, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. During Mr. Scott’s soft sell, the Mayor interupted him twice. (See #1 above)
My opinion: Mr. Scott statement couldn’t be further from the truth.
On Clematis St; between N.Quadrille and Dixie Hwy. there are 18 parking spots which consist of 1- handicapped, 1- 15 min. parking and 1 for library book drop off.
A few months ago the city removed 3 parking spaces on Clematis to make room for “Parklets” which consisted of placing a table and 2 chairs in the street gutter so people could have lunch or dinner. How would one out of control car have impacted their dining pleasure?
I attended a meeting at City Hall and there were approxamately 8-10 covered meters with “No Parking” After residents complained the spots were re-opened.
The city wants to expand the sidewalks. How? I see 2 choices move city hall back a few feet or remove the parking spaces. Can you see another way?
In all fairness Mr. Kelly tried hard to ram the mayor’s agenda down our throat.

Now it’s time to hear from the residents on the Downtown Mobility Plan, and Mayor Muoio
repeats ” I’ll tell you up front were not taking comments involving “Flagler Shores” or the OBD. If you come up and start talking about “Flagler Shores” I’m going to ask you to sit down. If you don’t I’ll have you removed.”

First speaker up:
Robert Garvy (who’s website “Fix Flagler” was developed to inform residents what the city was planning with their Downtown Mobility Plan and how the city’s brainstorm “Flagler Shores” has affected the city.)  Nice guy, well spoken, very professional, and not the least bit intimidated by city officials.

Mr. Garvy began to speak and did sin by saying “Flagler” not Shores, just Flagler.
Mayor interrupts him about “Flagler Shores” and he told her “I have not mentioned Flagler Shore’s” and back and forth, eating up the clock.
Mr. Garvy continues speaking.
The magic 3 min. bell rings, and Mayor informs Mr. Garvy his time was up.
He had 2 more sentences to complete which would have been within the 3 minutes time frame if the mayor hadn’t interrupted him. He finished the sentence, and the next thing the room is aware she is calling for “Seth” to come forward. Seth is the police officer stationed in the back of the room. Mayor Muoio was about to remove Mr. Garvy from the room when he finished, turned and took his seat. My opinion: Mr. Garvy did the intimidating.

In hindsight Mayor Muoio’s plan not only worked, it was brilliant.
After her treatment of Mr. Garvy, people left the chambers, when she called people forward to speak they had left the building. Others refused to make a statement for fear of how they would be treated.

Gail L. Coniglio, the Mayor of Palm Beach addressed the commission with her concerns about the Downtown Mobility Plan, and how it would affect residents crossing the bridge on Flagler to evacuate during a hurricane. If  Mayor Muoio has her way Palm Beach would evacuate by bike.

I have to wonder if Mayor Muoio would push such an unpopular program if she was in her first term as Mayor. She has less that a year to go so remember the past election, and remember which commissioners listened to residents and which ones are hoping voters have short memories.

There are 2 meetings on the horizons concerning the city’s plan, and I encourage residents to attend, stand strong and speak up. Your opinion is just as important as the next guy, including elected officials.

DAC (Downtown Action Committee) June 13
City Commission Meeting June 23