Who is Beverly Mahaso?

Ms. Mahaso is an attorney, a CIA (certified internal auditor) and presently the city’s “Interim” City Internal Auditor.

Mr. Roger Strout who held the position of City Internal Auditor until his retirement in January had Ms. Mahaso audit “problem” departments where she found room for improvement, and always had the answers to all questions asked of her. He considered her a valuable part of his department, and assured city leaders he was leaving them in good hands.

I attended the Audit Committee meeting held June 14, 2018 and saw her in action and listened to the remarks of city management and heard nothing negative said about the IA department and many positive comments. She took the time to credit her staff as any good manager would.

Peter Bieniek, Director of Public Works, made a comment that many departments saw the Internal Auditor as “the enemy” but he welcomed Ms. Mahaso audit of his department, commented on how well they worked together and he wanted to know and understand any problems in his department so they could be corrected.

My opinion: The city cannot correct problems they don’t know exist, and it’s the responsibility of the IA Dept. to bring these problems to their attention.

City Directors and Managers praised her for her cooperation, patience and professional attitude while she thanked them for the speed in which they were processing the documentation needed in order to complete audit’s of their department.

The agenda contained 25 items which included:
Approval of the Human Resource Audit
Approval of the Housing and Community Dev. Post Audit Review.
Approval of the Real Estate Management Practice Post Audit Review.
Approval of the Leases and Contract Revenue Post Audit Review.
Approval of the Commercial Refuse Post Audit Review.

As you read above you can see how busy the IA Dept. has been and it was a very positive meeting and Mr Strout was correct when he told all who attended his last IA meeting that he was leaving the city in good hands.

The City Commission oversees the IA Dept. and I can’t understand why Ms. Mahaso who has worked for the city as the Interim IA for almost 7 months hasn’t lost the Interim title.

The commissioners should move to make her position permanent before they lose another dedicated employee who plays very well with others.