Clematis VS Northwood Rd.

Clematis Street was the place to be for entertainment with shops, restaurants and too many bars rocking the night away with loud music that the city allow to remain open into the wee hours of the morning. Now add residents who chose to buy condo’s in the area who complain to the city about the loud music keeping them awake at night. So who’s complaining? Appears to be the “older generation”.

The Millennia’s (also known as Generation Y) is anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018) is considered a Millennial. This age group wants to be able to work, dine, have their entertainment, bicycle and walk in the downtown area without worry of the evil automobile slowing them down.

So Mayor Muoio decides to travel to Copenhagen, comes back home converts WPB into Copenhagen by tearing up Clematis St; removing parking meters to narrow streets and widen areas for outdoor dining, walking and bicycling. Outdoor dining is very important to restaurant owners and diners so the city in it’s infamous wisdom placed “No Parking” hoods over two meters right across from City Hall, allowed restaurant owners to place a small table and chairs in the road gutter for patrons dining pleasure. That plan didn’t last long.

After attending a commission meeting I stood outside Duncan Donuts talking to a friend when a dozen bike riders converged on the area, and I would estimate late teens or early 20’s taking over the courtyard, jumping their bikes off and on steps and small wall. One came at us very fast, dropped his bike, skidded toward us and at the last minute pulled his bike up while laughing like hell and flew off down the stairs. I thought I was going to be thrown through D.D. plate glass window. City Hall security personnel witnessed the incident on camera, came outside, and the punks rode off. At the next meeting I told the tale to the mayor who advised me to “call the police”. (There are two police officers stationed in the commission room during meetings and they keep the politician’s and residents safe from harm.) I mentioned to the mayor I would have notified the police but they were busy escorting her to her car in the garage. Obviously she doesn’t feel safe in the city hall parking garage without a police escort. She may be onto something there.

We had two recent incidents with a vacationing sidewalk diner being stabbed in the neck while lunching with her daughter, and another 60 year old woman stabbed in the chest while riding her bike. It was decided to hire security personnel to walk Clematis Street.
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How’s that working out? Businesses are leaving Clematis St. and the Y generation can walk and bike in complete safety without diners, shoppers and visitors along with auto drivers getting in their way. I hope there are enough of them to sustain what few businesses will be left on a street that is slowly dying with help from the mayor and city commissioners. Have you heard Clematis may be made one way—-maybe. What a dismal failure.

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Old Northwood
I went on an excursion this morning and traveled to Old Northwood with Northwood Rd; being my destination where dozens of quaint shops and courtyard restaurant appeared to be thriving. Rumor has it the Alchemist will be relocating to Old Northwood along with other businesses. Better not wait long I only saw a couple of empty store fronts.

A picture of Northwood Road shows wide streets with on street parking, and please notice no parking meters. Free parking where diners can dine and shop while keeping an eye on their auto’s. What a concept.