We Need To Break Cycle of Dictatorial Mayor

Rick Asnani, Political Consultant, and CEO of Cornerstone Solutions Florida LLC is being challenged by former City Commissioner Shannon Materio with a lawsuit for defamation of character alleging a campaign mailer Asnani distributed in February defamed her reputation and cost her the election.
Mr. Asnani represented Christine Lambert and come hell or high water, he would do or say whatever was necessary to get her elected.
There was a lot riding on this election since  Related’s “One Flagler” project was rejected back in September of 2017 by 3 commissioners who listened to the public and voted against the project.
After Asnani’s victory over Materio by any means necessary, and just 4 months after the election Lambert, Shoaf, Ryan and James gave Related what they wanted. “One Flagler” would be built.
Please read the story below and notice the comment by Lambert which she states “I have no involvement in this matter and no comment to make about it.” Really? She was the candidate, did she blindly follow Asnani directions and do what she was told? She was either in control of her campaign, or she was out of control of her campaign.
Personally, I’m happy Ms. Materio has taken this action for one reason. Asnani is the political consultant for Commissioner James, and now they may think twice about nasty, no holds bar fliers, or hiding money contributions.   Commissioner James is busy around the city holding “Conversations with Keith.” Why didn’t he hold conversations and listen to residents over the OBD?
Think about this, please:
I remember when Mayor Joel Daves was going to rebuild a modern library on the original site, and he wanted to build a new city hall and police station on the hill top site on Banyan.
After Lois Frankel won the Mayoral election and decided we needed to combine the library and city hall and put in on Clematis . The city was sued, the courts decided the residents would VOTE the issue. We NEVER voted the issue and city hall/ library was built. How did that happen, and how much did it cost taxpayers?
When the new City Hall was complete a plaque was added at the entrance with the City Commissioners name engraved on it. One name was missing. Kimberly Mitchell refused to have her name associated with the building. I respected her for the decision. Commissioner Muoio name is front and center.
Lois Frankel endorsed Jeri Muoio for Mayor, she won the election and proceeded to continue the dictatorship style of government by forcing the Bristol to be built, closing Flagler Blvd., spending millions to ensure State Rd. 7 was not completed while spending millions more tearing up Clematis St; pushing hard, while “staff” lied to residents,  continued with the OBD and of course completing Related’s “One Flagler”.
Now Mayor Muoio has endorsed Commissioner James for Mayor to keep the dictator form of government going.
You know, if I was running for Mayor of WPB, guess who’s endorsement I wouldn’t want?
Please read the story below concerning the lawsuit between Materio and Asnani.