Lets Keep Corruption County In The Past.

This story is a walk down memory lane and due to new readers of WPB Watch who aren’t aware of Palm Beach County and WPB political history, this story is for you.

PBC become known as “Corruption County” nationwide, starting In 2006 when 4 County Commissioners (Mary McCarthy, Warren Newell, Tony Masilotti and Jeff Koons) along with 2 WPB City Commissioners (Jim Exline and Ray Liberti) were caught in a federal corruption investigations, resigned, pled guilty to felony charges, and sentenced to a Federal Prison. The above named Commissioner’s enriched themselves from thousands to millions on deals with businessmen. If you want more history on the above politicians Google them. It’s all there. Residents were outraged and demanded action. We got it, or did we?

The County Commission approved a new code of ethics, created the PBC Ethics Commission and agreed to hire an Inspector General to serve as a full-time government watchdog targeting waste, fraud and corruption. Here’s the story on the new watchdogs.

Palm Beach County Inspector General: Mission Statement: From their website claims:
“Our purpose (why we exist) is to provide independent and objective insight, oversight, and foresight in promoting integrity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness in government.” The PBC Commissioners choose the Inspector General. In my opinion this is ludicrous and should be an elected official and not appointed. How do you investigate the guy that signs your paycheck?

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics (COE) from their website claims:

“The mission of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics is to foster integrity in public services, to promote the public’s trust and confidence in that service, and to prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties.” The PBC Commissioners along with businessmen and schools of higher learning appoint the 5 members of the board and the public has complained for years with one question. How do you investigate a public official that appointed you to the board, or is a friend?  I personally have zero faith in the COE due to past “investigations” performed on politicians.   I offer this example.


One member of the COE is named Peter L. Cruise and here he is in a picture with elected City Commissioner Lambert. Cruise is on the left. Here’s the question. If a complaint was filed against Commissioner Lambert, how confident are you the complaint would be taking seriously? Below contains a story on Mr. Cruise, who teaches ethics at FAU


Mr. Cruise donates $750.00 to Lambert’s campaign.




Rick Asnani, President of Cornerstone Solutions and Political Consultant to Lambert, along with Mr. Cruise from the COE Former Commissioner Materio has filed a complaint and a lawsuit against Cornerstone Solution. I hope her complaint wasn’t filed with the COE as I don’t believe she will see justice in the good old boy’s club.