Who is Francine M. Ffolkes

State Of Florida Division of Administrative Hearings. Judge Ffolkes listened to arguments from the City of WPB defending the OBD, and attorneys representing Palm Beach County, Town of Palm Beach, and 222 Lakeview, known as the Esperante opposing the project. Judge Ffolkes expects to make a decision in December. If the decision goes against the city expect an appeal. What the hell, it’s only taxpayer money.

In Oct.2018 hearings were held concerning the OBD (Okeechobee Business District) which I attended for 4 day’s, and must admit it was a learning experience, one that I would not repeat.

Kimberly Rothenberg, City Attorney along with Claudia McKenna, supposedly retired, assisted her in defense of the city.

Terrell Arline represented the Town of Palm Beach along with Palm Beach County.
Nason Yeager represented the Esperante referred to as 222 Lakeview.

Below is the website and case no. if you are interested in reading motions made by the City Attorney including a motion to exempt the Mayor, along with other City Staff from being deposed. Judge Ffolkes denied the motion and ordered some to be deposed, under oath.

Click on “Case Search”
Under DOAH Case No. enter 18-004743
Click on docket and see everything that’s been filed by the parties and Orders entered by the Administrative Law Judge.

Read Mayor Muoio and Scott Kelly Deposition below.


The City objected to Eric McClellan, Director FD&O (Facilities Development & Operations) Strategic Planning for Palm Beach County to give testimony as an expert witness. The Judge overruled and Mr. McClellan, in 10 minutes gave sworn testimony that cut to the chase.
I was impressed by his testimony. Not only impressed, I understood his answer’s to questions asked.

Richard Greene – Development Services Director also testified and although his testimony took hours, I thought he did well by the city.

The many, many, many times I heard Mr. Greene give his presentation on the OBD, and Mr. Kelly state the Related project “One Flagler” would be good for the city, and Mr. Kelly stating it was not spot zoning.
Read the story in the Palm Beach Post below.


I remember sitting in the City Commission chambers and wondered if they believed what they were saying, until one day I said it out loud, and a gentleman sitting next to me reminded me of a story written a few years ago when Mayor Muoio was first elected. I did remember and posted the story below. When Management declares “Perception that I am one mistake away from being FIRED!” Draw your own conclusions.