WPB: Learn From Your Mistakes

If someone were to ask me how many mistakes I made in my life, I couldn’t give an honest answer, there have been that many. If I was asked how many mistakes were repeated I could honestly count on one hand the number. That’s because I learn from my mistakes and tend not to repeat them. I wish the City of WPB did the same.

Below is a draft of the next City Commission Meeting to be held on 11/19/2018, and I draw your attention to Redemptive Life Planned Development.

Item #14 on the agenda reads:


Staff Recommended Motion: Approve Resolution No. 315-18 and Resolution No. 330-18.


On March 27, 2017, the City Commission approved a Major Amendment to the Redemptive Life Residential Planned Development to construct a 240-unit apartment complex (“Village at Mangonia Lake”) on a 7.6-acre parcel located at 2201 North Australian Avenue. The plan includes the construction of three, six-story buildings fronting Lake Mangonia, two, three-story buildings located along North Australian Avenue, a clubhouse and related site improvements. The City owns a 1.85-acre parcel with an address of 2405 North Australian Avenue which located on both the east and west side of North Australian Avenue. AHS Development Group, LLC wishes to acquire the .72-acre portion of the property located on the west side of Australian Avenue, which is located directly to the north of 2201 North Australian Avenue, to construct a private park to serve the residents of Village at Mangonia Lake.

Section 2-31(27)(c) of the City Code of Ordinances requires an appraisal to sell City owned property, and Section 2-31(27)(b) of the City Code requires the property to be disposed of by Ordinance. An Ordinance approving the sales contract and authorizing the disposition of the property will be brought back at a future meeting for approval by the City Commission. Resolution No. 315-18 declares 2405 North Australian Avenue to be surplus and authorizes the City to enter into negotiations with AHS Development Group, LLC for the sale of the property.

Additionally, AHS has requested that the City grant a temporary construction easement to AHS which would allow AHS to use the .72-acre portion of the property for staging and storage purposes for the Village at Mangonia Lake project.

Resolution No. 330-18 grants a Temporary Construction Easement to AHS Development Group, LLC. COMMISSION DISTRICT:

The Property is located in District 1 Commissioner Kelly Shoaf district.

Redemptive Life Residential Planned Development along with Commissioner James, has made the news previously with a scandal that broke in WPB, and Internal Auditor Imogene Isaacs, who’s department was doing an audit of the church was accused by Commissioner James of causing the leak to the PB Post, which she did not leak, because I know who did. Below are 3 news articles along with a memo written to Ms. Isaacs from James and also included is a response from former Commissioner Ike Robinson that I hope you take the time to read.


Channel 25 news:  https://www.wpbf.com/article/west-palm-beach-investigating-bishop-his-charity-group/1311298

South Florida Times: http://www.sfltimes.com/news/local/redemptive-life-fellowship-possibly-facing-foreclosure

Gossip Extra: Don’t miss additional stories included in the article.  Feds investigate city-church $4 million-snafu

Church at the heart of WPB housing scandal loses tax-exempt status


Appeal to the City of WPB. Please learn from your mistakes.