Who is Clint Fowlkes?

Clint Fowlkes, with the assistance of WPB voters on March 12, 2019 will be the newly elected City Commissioner for District 3 and with his victory it will also be a victory for residents.
Please take the time to read General Information below. Know who you are voting for and why, and I draw your attention to the last line in Clint’s general information piece.
General Information (1)
While residents complain about city government, talk over the back fence about how we are ignored by a mayor and sitting commissioners who have more concern about keeping developers with their fat checkbooks happy while ignoring residents concerns. Clint had actually tried doing something about it and when he voted against the OBD, he unfortunately paid the price by not being invited to remain on the board by Mayor Muoio.
Another example:
Mayor Muoio appointed a gentleman named Roger Janssen to the DDA  (Downtown Development Authority) and then removed him from the board after he voted against the Okeechobee Business District (OBD) and appointed new members who’s vote Related the mayor could count on. With him gone, and new appointments, of course it passed the 2nd. time around. Does that sound familiar? Remember Commissioner’s Moffett, Materio and Neering who voted against the OBD and were soon replaced by Lambert and Shoaf who gave Related the mayor what she wanted.
Please read Mr. Janssen piece below.
WPB DMP Amendment 2016
Below you can read the story written by the PB Post “Downtown board shoots down WPB waterfront office skyscraper plan.”
Not much to report on another candidate Christy Fox running for District 3 City Commissioner except she has worked for Related in the past, and may very well still be involved with them. If Fox is elected Related will have 3 commissioners voting for any project coming down the pike. Just a reminder Ms. Fox and James are represented by Rick Asnani of Cornerstone Solutions who is being sued over issues in the City Commission election last year. Cornerstone and Related are thisclose.
Commissioners James and Ryan are making the rounds telling residents why they should elect them Mayor of WPB while never mentioning their vote on the OBD or their explanation of why they both ignored residents along with the county and Palm Beach’s concern over traffic issues, why they approved major changes to the Downtown Master Plan, to benefit one developer, removing street parking, and their attempt to remove travel lanes on Flagler. Why did they do this? Because they are arrogant and they can.
Did you know Commissioner Ryan “loaned” her campaign $100,000.00 dollars. Didn’t realize she had that kind of money to spend on an election.
Do you wonder how Commissioner James has the money to pay for TV ads, and I noticed his ad’s on the computer when you check certain websites when he recently had his City check garnished? His last ad states he knows how to solve the “Homeless” problem. He’s been in office 8 years, why didn’t he solve the problem before now by working with Muoio.
Please vote. This city needs a new mayor and commissioners who will listen to the public, and in my opinion the new mayor is not sitting on the dais disguised as city commissioners, who will tell you exactly what you want to hear because they need you and your vote.
That leaves Pricilla Taylor, and I can’t honestly tell you what kind of a mayor she will be, but I can tell you what kind of a mayor Ryan and James will be. I know because I saw how they ignored residents, favored developers while giving them everything they wanted. Do you think their behavior will change if either of them are elected mayor?