Is a Mayoral Candidate Deceitful, Judge for yourself.

March 12,2019 is right around the corner and residents are expected to visit the poll’s and vote for their choice for a new mayor and city commissioner.  Please take the time to open and read the information I have supplied so you will be informed voters.

Below is a flyer I received in the mail from the Ryan Campaign and it is actually accurate. Ms. Ryan is telling us to take back our city from developer friendly Keith James and place the city in her capable hands. What Ms. Ryan neglected to tell us was she voted in lock step with James. They both voted for every project that came down the pike, regardless of residents pleading with them to please slow down








Below is the City of West Palm Beach Internal Auditor’s report on Ms. Ryan’s “Blue Roof” program that she continues to say how proud she is of it.  Read it below for yourself.

Blue Roof Audit Report


Below is general information about Ms. Ryan, and of particular interest to me is the opinion of a psychologist hired by her in a custody case where the psychologist stated:  “I consider Paula to be an extremely deceitful person”    Read and judge for yourself. Contains salty language.

Paula Ryan’s Information


Below is the e-mail from Related’s Ken Himmel to Commissioner Ryan concerning “One Flagler” Christian Science Church.

Ryan and Related


Now you must judge for yourself is Ms. Ryan deceitful or not?