Truth or Consequences

Below was written by CTG (Citizens for Thoughtful Growth) and is being posted with their permission. We have 2 commissioners running for mayor and their vote should be noted for this huge project which both James and Ryan continue to tell us when they are mayor they will listen to us, and James going as far as to state he will not be a dictator. Muoio wants this to pass to keep the developer happy, lets see what happens. If you can’t appear in person, please turn to channel 20 to view the meeting, and please vote on Tuesday, and take our city back.


Dear CTG Members and Supporters,

We are asking for your HELP!

We are very appreciative of the messages, emails, letters and comments thanking us for leading the charge on Responsible Growth in our City and clearly expressing your concern about lining our waterfront with high rises.

We now need you to stand with us and attend the Commission meeting Monday night. We need you to tell the Commissioners what you have told us. We know the developer will have speakers lined up in favor of this project and we need your help to impress upon the Commissioners that the wishes of ALL the people need to be heard. Won’t you please join us?

City Commission Meeting

5 pm (this project will be heard after 5 pm)

Monday March 11

A Call to Action – Monday March 11th

On Monday the City Commission will Vote on final approval of 3109 South Flagler – The vote on first reading was unanimous. This vote will take place the night before election day!

1309 South Flagler is bringing Dade County’s Sunny Isles Beach in Miami-Dade or Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach!

The high-rise condominium proposed will be one of the tallest buildings in the City – taller than the Bristol, taller than Trump Plaza —

The building is proposed on 1.28 acres of land

Lots of Waivers are needed to approve this huge building

The Scale of the proposed building is out of context with surrounding areas

The applicant is asking for a special Planned Development Approval which under the city code is reserved for innovative projects claiming a walkway they don’t own is innovative.

The proposed building is entirely out of context to the neighborhood, which is surrounded by existing college, church, small office and residential buildings.

An approval of this project would certainly be the city’s justification to allow the entire waterfront blocks north and south of the Norton to be redeveloped into a new Sunny Isles Beach (Miami Dade County) or Ft. Lauderdale (Broward County).

Is this what everyone wants in West Palm Beach? If not, please come and let your thoughts be heard at the meeting. You may fill out a card indicating your position and/or you may speak for three minutes.

You may also send emails to the Mayor and Commissioners.

emails for Mayor and Commissioners:

[email protected]. Mayor Jeri Muoio

[email protected]. Commissioner Paula Ryan

[email protected]. Commissioner Cory Neering

[email protected]. Commissioner Keith James

[email protected]. Commissioner Christina Lambert

[email protected] Commissioner Kelly Shoaf