WPB Running Out Of Time.

We have a very important election on March 12 and you must decide who will lead West Palm Beach for the next 4 and possibly 8 years. To understand where Mayor Muoio and City Commissions have taken politics please take the time to read the very informative piece “Palm Beach County Issues and Views” below, and note that Clint Fowlkes running for City Commissioner in District 3 wants to change commissioners vote to a super majority vote, meaning it would take 4 commissioners instead of 3 to approve a development that is good for developers and bad for residents. It also easily explains how a 24-story residential tower on Flagler would consist of 42 luxury condominium units built on just 1.29 acres of land, instead of the 10 acres previously required. Acreage and setback waivers would have to be approved by the Commission for the project to advance— and approve they will.



Former WPB mayor, and now a Florida US Representative, Lois Frankel endorsed Keith James to be our next mayor. Read the article below, and ask your self if you would want her endorsement.



Both Commissioner James and Ryan have a plan to end homelessness in Fla. James has had 8 years, and Ryan 4 years to work on the problem. Read the link below to understand their priorities. Again telling residents what they want to hear, and working hard to please developers.



The elected official’s have taken Clematis Street and turned it into a dismal failure where one business after another are leaving the area for greener pastures just down the street in Northwood Village. According to the Post in Feb. 2019 Mayor Muoio celebrated the grand opening of Mestizo Peruvian Cuisine which joined “popular and award winning restaurants in the neighborhood” One of the reasons to do business in Northwood Village is on street parking with no meters, so you can have dinner and keep an eye on your car, or as the mayor and Commissioners prefer your bike. I shouldn’t write about free on street parking with the mayor still in power and able to tear up the street or install the meters removed from Clematis.

I end this story with a quote from Thomas Sowell

“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”