CTG Sues City Over Development.

Well here we go again, another battle with the city over development.
We have another 24 story waterfront condominium going up on Flagler Drive. City Commissioners ignored the zoning rule concerning height density and set back. They broke all the rules for developers–again. This project, like many others is trying to place 100 lbs. of baloney into a 1 lb. bag. It don’t fit.

All 5 commissioners James, Shoaf, Lambert, Ryan and Neering voted in favor of the project.

James: was rewarded with the title Mayor of WPB.

Shoaf: believes transit plan, minority hiring plan, a housing plan, an art plan, innovative design and preserving green space.   Naïve?

Lambert: “I do care very much for this city,” while her vote continually say’s something different.

Ryan: lost and is no longer a problem for the city. Irony: Ryan took Lambert under her wing and she appeared with her at varius function’s around the city educating her. Lambert endorsed James. Kick in the ?

Neering: People are surprised he voted for this project and ask why.
It takes 3 commissioners to approve or stop a project and he does not have the support to swing the vote residents want or expect.

In my oppinion residents can depend on 2 commissioners Neering and Ryles. Were short one who cares.

New commission Joe Peduzzi in my opinion is definately in James corner and like Lambert and Shoaf will vote for developers and against residents, and will fight the State Rd 7 expansion wasting millions more of taxpayer dollars. He was very clear at forums and meet and greets.

So, what do we do? In March 2020 3 commissioners are up for re- election, Lambert, Shoaf and Ryles. Commissioner Ryles is finishing Ryan’s one year term in office, and must run again.

What am I going to do? I’m going to vote for whoever challenges Lambert and Shoaf regardless of who they are. We cant do any worse than these two. I’m going to vote to send Ryles back to the commission to assist Neering. If we are fortunate (smart) enough to replace Lambert and/or Shoaf residents stand a chance of taking their city back. Remember their vote to always assist developers, big money will be thrown at them.

Reasons I’ve been told folks don’t vote is because it is a waste of their time: Really?
People who do not vote are the reason we can’t elect decent representation. Don’t take the time to learn what is going on or it’s not their neighborhood so who cares.

Other people, like CTG (Citizens for Thoughtful Growth) spend countless hours watching what the city is doing, and more endless hours trying to convince them this is the wrong project for the city.
When the commissioners are ready to vote the project they invite people to the meeting who will speak in favor of the project.

The story in the Palm Beach Post, which can be read below, mentions the resident’s name who spoke against the project.
A resident who spoke in favor of the project no name mentioned. Why?

Read the story below.