Who is Sean Jackson?

The Black Republican Caucus of Florida held a news conference Monday afternoon where they called for WPB Police Chief Sara Mooney to step down effective immediately. Sean Jackson has a history with the city and in my opinion it’s not good. In the interview he stated he was at the scene on the double homicide last Saturday and within an hour he learned who the shooter was. Bullshite. Also said he had a conversation with Mayor James, Commissioners Cory Neering, Joe Peduzzi and Richard Ryles. Why didn’t he have a conversation with the two women commissioners Shoaf and Lambert? Does he have a problem with women? He also has an opinion on who should be the next Chief of Police, but wont mention HIS name at this time, and please take the time to listen to Rick King of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association. Hear the press conference below.



Sean Jackson A former West Palm Beach city commission candidate is being accused of a hit and run in the city hall parking garage. When first asked about the incident by The Post, Jackson said, “My bumper tapped another car and that was that.” But this week he denied ever hitting the car, saying the “frivolous” charges were dismissed. Please pay attention to how he treated the women garage attendant, and the owner of the car he hit. Read the story below.



Inside the Bru’s Room Sports Grill in Boynton Beach, Carly Cass, a lesbian, says she was accosted and nearly assaulted by Sean P. Jackson, a Palm Beach County Republican Party operative. Jackson, Cass said, grew angry and eventually stated, “You want to be a man, I’ll beat you like a man.” My opinion Jackson is a bully who has no problem threatening women. Read the story below.



City website 4/29/19 Work Session with the mayor and commissioners. The only item on the agenda concerned the Police Dept; and guess who placed it on the agenda? Commissioner Joe Peduzzi the mayor’s right hand man. He is to James what James was to Muoio, their yes man. Rumor’s were flying around after James was elected Mayor his top priority was to replace Chief Mooney. You judge for yourself.



Mayor Muoio nominated Chief Mooney, and needed the commissioners to vote on her nomination but no vote needed to fire her. Does that sound right to you? Four commissioner’s voted for approval with James voting no. He wanted to look elsewhere. Chief Mooney has the backing of her officers, and if you talk to them they will tell you morale has never been higher, and I never met a cop who didn’t respect her.

She has initiated new programs and community outreach such as, Cops working with six year olds to join the Boy Scouts, cops reading to 3rd. graders, having lunch with cops, police going into elementary schools and talking to the kids. There is more, but you get the drift. It appears she is trying to reach the kids before they become a satistic like the 18-25 year old African Americans who join a gang to belong and it’s these very gangs who are killing each other in the north end of the city.

If I could make a suggestion to Sean Jackson come join in the monthly Peace Walk headed by Kevin Jones, a man dedicated to make the area safer. Where police go door-to-door talking with residents, handing out flyers, job applications, placing signs in yards to promote peace, but also to build bridge’s between law enforcement and residents, especially the children. Also take a “Ride with a Cop” and see what goes on during their shift, and please request the North End ride along.

Two pictures below show Officer Pinto with a child who love the Segway and line up to take a short ride or just to stand on it.

Chief Mooney completely unaware the picture was taken. She is at the April peace walks and that is the position you will find her in, on her haunches talking with the kids, handing out peel and stick badges. You would think she was given each child the Hope Diamond as they hold onto her every word.

Now that’s building bridges.