Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken!

“Cops and Scholars’ Program” This program was started by Sargent William Nealy “We’re placing all our resource on the kids that were getting into trouble, but we’re not doing anything for the kids NOT getting into trouble. So this evening was all about Darshayla, Trenasia, and Ruben. The three kids got a free meal at Brother Jimmy’s courtesy of CityPlace, and a full meet and greet with the mayor and police chief.” The three kids above had dinner with Sargent Nealy and other officers. Heartwarming story that can be read below. https://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/west-palm-beach/cops-and-scholars-program-attempts-to-bridge-the-gap-between-kids-and-police-in-west-palm-beach

West Palm Beach Police Department in Southern District of Florida to Receive Project Safe Neighborhoods Award won in 2018. “The West Palm Beach Police Department’s community engagement initiatives are extensive, and include not only national programs, but also local programs like “R.I.P.” program that interacts weekly with juvenile offenders arrested for gun and violent crimes, and “Cops and Scholars,” which champions kids in vulnerable communities. West Palm Beach Police Department also serves as a partner to many outside organizations and programs. All of these efforts are contributing to the success of PSN in local West Palm Beach communities.” The PB Post conveniently left this story out of their editorial. Read the story here. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/west-palm-beach-police-department-southern-district-florida-receive-project-safe

Coffee with a Cop program. Where kids and parents meet with officers at McDonalds while parents drink coffee and kids eat ice cream and discuss whatever is on their mind.

Conversation with a cop program. I attended this program in May and parents discuss problems in their neighborhood while cops take notes and explain what the police can and cannot do. One grandmother impressed me when she said all her grandchildren are involved in either sports or programs and are not allowed to run the streets.

Chief Mooney has a Master’s degree in social work, experience in community outreach, and years of experience as a hostage negotiator, police trainer, field operations supervisor, patrol division shift commander and internal affairs commander. What I find admirable is her common sense approach to problems in the Northend.

From all I read troubled teen’s are looking for acceptance and a place to belong and the gangs are more than willing to accept them as members of their families, and once they are in impossible to leave.

It appears to me that Chief Mooney concentrates on the younger generation in an attempt to keep them safe and free from these welcoming gangs with programs she approves and encourages her officers, like Sargent Nealy. to contribute possible ideas to aid the community.

One new program involves volunteer’s who are willing to travel to crime scenes after a death in an attempt to help family members remain calm and explain why they cannot approach their loved one. Police officers and Detectives are on the scene looking for the perpetrators and evidence that may have been left behind. Law enforcement depend on DNA, and when hysterical family member praying the police are wrong and it’s not their family member. If it’s a parent I can’t imagine the pain they endure and just want to hold their child which could very well contaminate the scene and evidence will be lost. No parent should ever bury their children.

There is a City Commission meeting Monday night (6/3/19) at 5:00 PM and Mayor James will ask the commissioners to approve Frank Adderley as WPB new Chief of Police.

If you support Chief Mooney please take the time to appear at the meeting and let your thoughts be known. If you decide to attend please be on time as it is the first item on the agenda and bring your parking stub with you to be validated.   Commissioners please don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Here you can find a story on Frank Adderley, the mayors choice to lead the WPB Police Dept. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/new-broward-sheriff-gregory-tony-fires-agency-leader-and-scott-israel-ally-frank-adderley-11047087