City Knows What Is Best For You, Stop Complaining!

As residents are well aware the city streets have been flooding for the last 2 weeks, with cars stranded in knee high water, hoods up waiting for help. How serious is this?

When you work all day, then plan to stop for groceries for dinner, Need to pick up your kids from the babysitter, visit a sick relative or just get home put your feet up because today was hell at work and you never thought your day would end.

Well your day ended when your car stalled out due to city streets flooding, wouldn’t start, and here you are waiting for a tow truck you didn’t budget for. Well tomorrow’s another day. Will it be better? If your car needs to dry out you spend your time looking for a friend to take you to work, a ride to the babysitter’s. If your auto has permanent damage you ask your friend to take you car shopping. One other thing you didn’t budget for.

“A total of 2.66 inches of rain was recorded in just 36 minutes today at Palm Beach International Airport. That amount of rain in 30 minutes happens about once every 10 years, the National Weather Service reports.”

Reporters are doing an excellent job bringing residents up to the date stories, and advising residents of area’s to stay clear of Flagler Drive, S. Flagler Drive, and Parker Avenue south of Okeechobee. Read the story below:


Heartbreaking are the stories people in the area are telling how it effects them, and tell us they have been complaining to the city about the situation for 40 years. Seriously?

Below was taken from the WPB City website:


“Just like our personal budget, the City’s budget is divided into two types of expenses: operating and capital. For us as residents, operating expenses are the costs we pay to live—like our electric and water bills. For the City, it means paying for the services we all use like street cleaning, police and fire. It also means keeping each department and facility up and running. Capital expenses are one-time purchases or upgrades. For us as residents, this might mean buying a car or fixing up the house. For the City, it means paying for new fire stations, road development, or improving a tired out area. How the City spends money comes from decisions made by the City of West Palm Beach Mayor and City Administration, with approval from your City Commission. They make those decisions based on a number of things: The City’s long-range plans, local data, future forecasts and—most importantly—feedback from you! Your opinions are important because they listen to you throughout the year before final decisions are made. So, tell us what’s important for you, your business and your family!”

Million’s spent on Clematis St; with million’s more to come. Mayor Muoio visited Copenhagen, came home and made the decision to spend our tax dollars on one particular area of the city. The line above “The City’s long-range plans, local data, future forecasts and—most importantly—feedback from you.”

Resident’s have complained about flooding for 40 years do you truly believe our feedback is most important to city officials? They have mastered the art of telling us what we want to hear.

The story below has Mayor Muoio bragging about how much money the city has collected. To bad the city is spending our tax dollars where they deem important, not in critical area’s where it’s needed.


So here is my prediction: Official’s will pick the one line that states “That amount of rain in 30 minutes happens about once every 10 years.” No problem let the future Mayor and Commissioners worry about it, not our problem because in a few months the rain will cease and we can all forget about the flooding.

Thoughts to ponder: Did you ever notice asphalt and cement won’t absorb water? Keep building those Related projects, you know the ones that are not “spot zoning” and the Class A office buildings that WPB so desperately needs. Please ignore all the Class A office space that is empty.

Words of wisdom by Thomas Sewell.