No Show Commissioners Didn’t Fool Public

9/27/2019 @ 10:00AM

I attended the court hearing where Giddens Security attempted a temporary injunction to stop the no bid contract to PSC Security.
Long story short the court refused the injunction, and the city won. Gidden representatives held out hope for the “Special City Commission” meeting to be held later in the day.
I felt bad for them knowing there would be no meeting because 3 commissioners would be missing.

Below is an article by the PB Post reporter Tony Doris, which reads in part.
“After uproar, West Palm commission to revisit decision to award $8 million no-bid contract. Two commissioners request special meeting for Friday.” The 2 commissioners were Neering and Ryles.
Read the entire story below.


9/27/2019 @ 2:00PM
Myself, along with 20-25 residents attended the City Commission meeting, filled out comment cards while James, Neering, Ryles, City Administer Green, and City Attorney Rothenberg took to the dais.
At 2:15 I stood and asked James how long he would keep us knowing Lambert, Shoaf and Peduzzi were not going to show.
A few minutes later James, a Harvard graduate attorney and 8 year sitting commissioner asked Rothenberg what the procedure was.
Her response was there wasn’t enough commissioners for a quorum so there would be no meeting.   Well played by the city.
Residents knew there wouldn’t be a quorum the day the meeting was posted. What we don’t know is if the commissioners drew straws to see who wouldn’t attend,and who would ask for the meeting.

Below is the agenda, which reads in part: “Resolution No. 328-19 canceling the Security Services Agreement with Professional Security Consultants to provide security services for City facilities and in Northwood.” Read the agenda below. It’s really laughable.


PB Post reporter Tony Doris story “No bid contract stands”



Picture of no show commissioners. James in the center, missing Shoaf, Ryles, City Administrator Jeff Green (click on picture to enlarge) and look how relaxed Green is. Very laid back man at commission meetings or having a beer with Willis Perez of PSC Securities at the Blue Martini.



Below is a video of Lambert with husband Monty an employee of WGI. Notice  WGI company car. They are on So. Flagler Dr. the day after Lambert and Shoaf voted to pass, against the communities wishes, to build bike lanes and narrow the streets.  Have to wonder what concern it is to WGI for bike lane and narrow streets. I bet this project is over a million dollars. Does WGI have that contract? Does WGI pull the heart strings of James and at least one Commissioner? How did Lambert explain pulling her vote after accepting an invitation from the neighborhood residents? Does it affect WGI and Monty?

Lambert on Flagler with hubby

Curious minds want to know, but don’t wait for a response.

Wondering where you heard the name WGI before? Wonder no more.
“State Ethics Commission OKs probable cause hearing in complaint that West Palm Mayor Keith James has conflict of interest voting for his landlord’s company.” Read the story below.