Is WPB Starting The Healing Process?

10/7/2019 When I walked into the City Commissioner Chamber for the regular meeting I saw a woman sitting in Jeff Green’s seat and knew it was Faye (Outlaw) Johnson. We gained Ms. Johnson in a swap for Dorritt Miller who is now Assistant Administrator for the county.
In my opinion the city of WPB won big in the exchange.
The only problem I have with James appointing Ms. Johnson. She is the Interim Administrator..(An INTERIM appointment is defined as a position filled on a temporary basis while a search is being conducted.)
This mayor and his searches. He already has the best he is going to have in Ms. Johnson who is recognized for her honesty, integrity and ethics, which is hard to recognize if you lack them.

I wondered where Green was and thought he may be at the Blue Martini with his buddy Willie Perez having a beer, but then thought no, James and Peduzzi were at the meeting and they all have a few together.

The story in the PB Post, by Tony Doris can be read below. There were parts of the story that caught my attention for instances:

“West Palm Beach City Administrator Jeff Green resigns,”
Do you believe he resigned, or given the choice resign or be fired? My opinion James should have fired him not allowing him to resign so he can receive thousands of tax payer dollars called a city pension. I wonder how much his separation package was? I wonder if Green now realizes how those men and women felt who stood before them asking for a 2 week extension on the Giddens contract. Petrified they would lose their job.

“Recently he has taken political heat for the no-bid deal to Professional Security Consultants”
“An effort to establish a two-lane bikeway on South Flagler Drive”
“a proposed deal to trade city waterfront land in exchange for allowing a hotel at the Palm Harbor Marina and ending potentially expensive litigation.”

The Mayor and City Administrator, along with the City Attorney are the powers behind city government.
City Administrator Jeff Green supposedly brought political heat on James. He’s gone

City Attorney Rothenburg told the mayor and commissioners they could vote yes on the no-bid contract along with her advice on South Flagler, and it was OK to give away millions of city land. Her advice has already cost taxpayers on 2 of the 3 a lawsuit. How in this world can commissioners and the mayor trust her legal advice? She should join Green.

A Lame Duck is an elected official whose successor has already been, or in the near-term will be, elected. James, the first black strong mayor of WPB who could have done some great things for the city has failed in only 7 months in office.

The commissioners who refused to listen to residents and instead accepted the word of Green and Rothenburg as bible, hopefully will be replaced in March 2020, and the city can began to heal. When it’s over—no pulling on my heartstrings.

PB Post reporter Tony Doris story below.