Now James Wants Transparency & Integrity on PSC Deal

Updated 9/2022

It appears the Mayor was out and about Thursday and was surprised when Channel 5 reporter  Wanda Moore aimed a microphone at him with more pesky questions concerning the PSC no-bid contract. Will it ever end for James?

Here was the question; “You had said that because of new information that has been brought to your attention you had changed your mind. Can you elaborate on what that information was?”

Mayor James said he has asked Johnson, who replaced Green, for a full review.

“She did a full review of the process and of every step taken, including the decision by staff to cancel or reject all bids without my knowledge during my first week in office,”     That’s his quote, and to add insult to injury here’s another  he gave in the same interview.  “it was important for me to start over, for the sake of transparency  and for the integrity of our selection process.”  Yes, he said that too.

I have watched and listened to James for 8 years when he served as a commissioner, and noticed when he is being less that truthful  he has a “tell”.  His lips move.

Reached on Thursday by phone, Green said: “I’m not sure what the mayor is talking about. Legal and procurement (departments) were both involved in the process.”

All along I have written that the city should replace Kimberly Rothenburg as the City Attorney if for no other reason how she interprets the City Charter and advises the City Commissioners, and James stating decision by staff to cancel or reject all bids.   She’s an integral part of staff.  What’s he waiting for?

You can watch and listen to the interview below, and please take the time to read the complaint and view the pictures filed by Giddens Security.