PSC on the Job. Do You Feel Secure?

10/1/2019 is the day the no bid contract for PSC Security took effect. So how are things going?  Double click picture to enlarge.

This is a picture taken at Currie Park in WPB. on their first day of the contract.  No park in America is safe from rapes, robberies, assaults and murders and Currie Park is not immune from problems with the homeless, major drug bust coming in via boat. If I visited the park on 10/1/19 I would feel safe and secure knowing my car was safe in the parking lot from theft or vandalism.

I showed this picture to a friend who visits Rosemary Square often and she told me PSC Security are always in a group or on their phone talking or texting

I must admit I have always admired people who could multitask like texting and being aware of what was happening around them.

I have read PSC contract with the city and can’t find where in the contract they are stationed in the North End on the city where crimes of murder happen on a regular basis.

If you are a reader of WPB Watch and the PB Post you are aware of the city’s no-bid 8 million dollar contract challenged by Glidden’s Security which the Judge’s decision favoring the city. Later on in the day a special City Commission meeting requested by Commissioner’s Neering and Ryles was held to re-visit the contract. You are also aware that Commissioners Lambert, Shoaf and Peduzzi were a no show due to conflicting schedules. I don’t care if all 3 commissioners are CEO of a Fortune 500 company, they were elected to take care of city business and protect us from a tyrannical mayor.

The 9/23/2019 meeting is posted below and I hope residents find the time to watch and listen to the residents who spoke out against the contract and the 10-12 Gidden’s employee’s who looked like Neering, Ryles and James. I wanted you to see/ hear one particular employee  stated she was homeless living in a park until Gidden gave her a job a paycheck and enabled her to get off the streets. If she lost her job she feared she would be homeless again.  Another employee, fighting back tears, said she had nowhere to go if she lost her job. Listen to James tell the owner of Gidden’s how it was disingenuous of him to parade his employees before them in an attempt to “pull at out heartstrings”


Note to City Commissioners: After you received pushback from residents concerning your vote you made fools of us all by holding a meeting to further discuss the PSC contract when you knew damn well you wouldn’t have a quorum. Well get together and demand it’s placed back on the next City Commission meeting agenda, and show up. While your at it put pressure on James to terminate City Administrator Jeff Green along with City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg. You can use the same reason we will be using to remove you from office. NO CONFIDENCE.

The day James was sworn in as mayor here are some of his statement as reported in the PB Post.

“Because you believe as I do, that everyone who lives in this city should have a say in the city. Because you believe as I do, that our quality of life is grounded in caring for one another. Opportunity is our mantra and diversity is our strength. I will serve that way. I will lead our city that way.”

James said his comments about encouraging caring were meant to set a tone for his administration.

“One of the hallmarks of our country, at least historically, has been extending a helping hand. It always comes out when we have a catastrophe such as a hurricane. That’s when we truly see a sense of community. I would like to have that sense of reaching out, helping others, permeating our city even when we’re not in a crisis. That’s a message I want to get out there … We are stronger as a community if we continue to look for opportunities to lend a helping hand to our neighbors.”

Read the entire story below. 6 months in office and he has set the tone for the remaining 31/2 years.


On Oct. 25, 2019 James is to travel to Tallahassee and appear before the Florida State Commission on Ethics to answer a complaint filed against him. I don’t know if they can remove him from office or not, but there is always the Governor.