Where’s the re-do on PSC Contract?

I recently received the Draft Agenda for the upcoming Commissioners meeting to be held 10/21/19 and there are 16 items on the list. Not on the list was a re-do of the no-bid security contract.
A couple of days later I received a Revised Draft Agenda, and thought it would surely be added on here but no luck, just 16 items.

This no-bid contract was awarded to PSC (Professional Security Consultants) and Willie Perez is  the Regional Security Manager.

Please bear with me but I am receiving more requests to receive WPB Watch and while something you read may seem familiar to you, they are not to new readers. In answer to questions concerning forwarding the stories yes, feel free to pass the story on. It’s a way of getting the word out and hopefully motivate voters.
Here’s a recap.

9/9/2019 City Commission Meeting:
#11 on the agenda
“Resolution No. 290-19 approving a Security Service Agreement with Professional Security Corporation to provide security services for all City facilities and roving services in Northwood.”

Below is the video of the meeting, what was said, and by whom. You can scan ahead to 1.28:00 when the contract is discussed. If you do please listen carefully to City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg and the legal advice she gave commissioners. If Ms. Rothenburg knew she was misleading commissioners she should resign. If she believed she was giving correct answers, we can do better with a city attorney. She should resign.


Below is not verbatim, but close enough to advice given by City Attorney.

Here’s what I can tell you. Commissioners can approve the contract that hasn’t gone through the process provided in the code. I don’t believe the court can tell the city what to put in the procurement code. Well have to see what the court says.

Is she correct about  I don’t believe the court can tell the city what to put in the procurement code. How about what’s already in the procurement code? Can the City change the code to suit their purpose and help their drinking buddies gain an 8 million dollar contract? Picture was taking at the Blue Martini and shows buddies Mayor Keith James and PSC Willie Perez (seated) Double click the picture to enlarge.  There are so many politicians meeting at the Blue Martini it’s being referred to as the 2nd. City Hall.

Residents were upset with the vote after it passed unanimously  and let the city know in no uncertain terms. The city had to formulate a plan and do it fast.

Sept. 27,2019 a Special City Commission meeting was called to further discuss the no-bid contract, and possibly rescind their vote. The word was already on the street there would be no meeting because there would be no quorum. Street was right, and James kept us about 15 min. waiting for 3 commissioners we knew would be a no show. What part did Commissioners play? Commissioners Peduzzi, Lambert and Shoaf were no shows. All we needed was 1 more to join Neering and Ryles and make a difference but surprisingly they all had other commitments.

Joseph A. Peduzzi, P.A. Personal Injury Attorney. Christine Lambert, Managing Director at Productive Power. Kelly Shoaf, Founded The Westley Group / Principal Partner.

A Managing Director, Principal Partner and Attorney couldn’t break away for an hour to attend a very important meeting. I believe Neering and Ryles are ready to meet again. Who has the authority to place it back on the agenda? Are we going to be told it’s too late to do anything? Are they hoping we will forget and just go away? If we allow it that’s exactly what will happen. At the last Commission meeting Commissioner Neering actually stated he made a mistake with his vote and apologized. I have more respect for him making the admission because I believe people learn from their mistakes. Never make mistakes, never learn the lesson. A sincere Thank You Commissioner Neering.

One final thought. If you are a regular reader of WPB Watch I have mentioned I am not one to believe in coincidence. How’s this for one.

RMA (Redevelopment Management Associates) a management and consulting firm specializing in providing redevelopment, economic development, urban design, real estate and marketing consulting won the bid (it’s a long story) to oversee the CRA in WPB. The man put in charge is named Jon Ward, Executive Director. Approximately 2 years ago their contract ended and the Commissioners were to vote on a new contract. Staff recommended one year extension. At the time it was Commissioner James who stated they were doing such a good job, lets extend it for 2 years. Done Deal. What happened?

The WPB Internal Auditor, Beverly Mahaso, has placed the CRA on the schedule to be audited early next year. Jon Ward was quoted in the PB Post as saying he didn’t work for the city and they had no right to audit the CRA. Hey, Mr. Ward you are spending millions of taxpayer dollars. Well Mr Ward, just resigned. Seems James wants to return it to in house operation. Audit/resign probably a coincidence.