Why They Put Erasers on Pencils

Keith James has done an about face and I’m guessing the public pressure along with a second complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics  is beginning to affect him. He wants a do-over. Read the story below.


To all residents a sincere “Thank You” for caring enough to stand up and speak out, send e-mails, make phone calls when you become aware of how your life, health and safety are being affected by decisions being made in City Hall. A special Thank You to those with the courage to snap a picture and send it on. Many of your pictures tell a story and many of us are grateful for it.

I attend City Commission meetings when a hot button issue is being discussed and listen to residents find the courage to stand at the podium and express their opinion on another high rise or tearing up their neighborhood streets.
I listen to people who live on the other side of the city where construction wont effect them but they come to support other neighborhoods. It will be a matter of time before they need support.
I also listen to the invited guests who appear to praise any project the city wants moved forward.

The Commissioners need an Attorney to advise and represent them on issues when City Attorney Kimberly Rothenburg interprets the City Charter to have the outcome the Mayor wants. Commissioners, she works for him, not you, and you work for us, not the Mayor. No more excuses you voted the way you did because you wanted to support the mayor. Try this, support the people who put you in office. Listen to the residents who appear before you with information you are not receiving from the city. I believe there is more cover up under the dome than Eskimo’s  use in December.
I would request you asking for 10 Attorney recommendations from James then disregard those names.
Attorney’s Peduzzi and Ryles no friends. Hire the best attorney you can find and give him a copy of the City Charter and lets see what happens. It can’t possibly get worse.

Jeff Green has “resigned” and eventually we will learn the reason why and he has been replaced by Assistant City Administrator Faye Johnson as interim City Administrator. This is a good start and in my opinion there is one more on the dais who should be replaced and that’s the City Attorney Rothenburg along with her advice.

James never appreciates what he has right in front of his face. Always wants to throw loyal employees aside to do a country wide search for something better as in Chief Sara Mooney and Internal Auditor Beverly Mahaso, both strong women with ethics, values and experience. It appears to me James has difficulty with strong women.
Johnson has the experience and should not wear the title “interim” for long.

I offer a suggestion. Back decisions up and put the people who were in place on Sept. 30 back where they belong. The ones that couldn’t pull the Mayors heartstrings, but sure pulled ours.


Let PSC patrol what they did before they were awarded the contract, and lets hope they do a better job. Double click on picture to enlarge and read caption.








Seven months in office and James has his second complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics. His first complaint will be heard on 10/25/19 in Tallahassee. Below is his second.