$180,000 Magic No. For James

At the Nov.4,2019 City Commission meeting items 3-15 were placed on the Consent Calendar.
Want to pass a Resolution and hide it from the public, place it on the Consent Calendar and pray no one notices.

It is generally Commissioner Lambert who moves to accept the Consent Calendar, another Commissioner second’s it and it’s a done deal. The Commissioners passed 13 Resolutions in less than 5 minutes. Now that’s moving a meeting along.
It appears the $180,000.00 pay out to a former city employee, Sharagay Esposito, was also placed on the Consent Calendar, but all 5 commissioners requested it be placed on the regular agenda which would allow discussion. Below is the story written by Tony Doris, reporter for the Palm Beach Post, and I have included excerpt from the Post story, and my comments in Italics.

“She left the city Oct. 4. in what was described in her personnel file as a resignation. The file, obtained by The Palm Beach Post through a public information request, includes no explanation why she left.
That is the day when, Mayor Keith James said, he learned a city employee had received a “graphic text photo” that “implicated” then-City Administrator Green.”

Ms. Esposito was fired, she did not resign, which tells me the City of WPB is still falsifying public records. Why isn’t the state looking into this?

In every story I have read James is quoted as saying “graphic text photo” and then mentions Green in the same sentence. The average reader would assume Green sent the picture. He did not, and instead of describing it as a “graphic text photo”  why not call it what it is? A man took a picture of his penis and sent it to a city employee.
The only question remaining is who’s penis is it? It’s not Jeff Green’s, but in a previous story he admitted to receiving the picture also but deleted it immediately.

“Esposito, though low in the city hall hierarchy and despite her checkered work history, hung out with the upper echelons. She was one of several members of a loosely assembled, high-level group that socialized at the Blue Martini lounge at Rosemary Square in recent years, a source close to the group said.
This group at times included Mayor James, Police Chief Frank Adderley, Deputy Chief Rick Morris and commissioner Joe Peduzzi, in addition to Green and Willie Perez, senior regional director of security guard company Professional Security Consultants, or PSC.”

Rosemary Square name changed from City Place. Nuff said.

“Green’s resignation wasn’t solely tied to the photo.
The change of guard came after a series of issues placed the new mayor in a bad light, foremost among them the no bid guard contract, which James and Green recommended go to their friend – Willie Perez and PSC.”

Once again, Nuff said.

“Though Green left quietly, saying his departure was a matter of mutual consent with James, Esposito hired a lawyer. The city on Nov. 1 reached the tentative settlement with Esposito to avoid a lengthy and costly lawsuit, James said.”

Avoid a lengthy and costly lawsuit, or attempt a cover up,  not to mention the total embarrassment James would suffer when the name of the penis owner is disclosed. When an unsolicited text or e-mail of  a sexual content is sent, is that not a felony, and should be investigated by authorities?

In my younger day’s I used to think “Peyton Place” had it all, not even close.