April 2020 Recall of Keith James

The 2019 Florida Statutes: Chapter 100

Recall Petition

Petition shall contain the name of the person sought to be recalled and a statement of grounds for recall.  (see below)

In a municipality or district of 25,000 or more registered electors, the petition shall be signed by 5  percent of the total number of registered electors of the municipality or district as of the preceding municipal  election whichever is greater.

The Supervisor of Election provided a breakdown of voters:
As of November 2019.  There are 71,508 registered voters in the city of West Palm Beach.
3575 signatures needed for Recall.  (5% of 71,508)

All signatures shall be obtained within 30 days and filed all at the same time no later than 30 days after the date on which the first signature is obtained on the petition.

Each signature is to be witnessed at the time of signing to verify that the witness saw each person sign the petition.

All signed petition forms shall be filed at the same time with the Clerk of the municipality, (West Palm Beach).


“Any member of the governing body of a municipality, may be removed from office by the electors of the municipality.” “This – is called a RECALL!”

A recall cannot begin until the targeted official has served at least one-fourth of his term in office. Mayor Keith James will have served one-fourth of his term this April! We can then RECALL Mayor Keith James.

Grounds for Recall:
One of the Grounds for a recall is Malfeasance:
Definition of malfeasance:
Wrong doing or misconduct by a public official!

We will be moving towards a RECALL of Mayor Keith James based on his Malfeasance:

Items to be Included:

1. Mayor Keith James Circumvented the City Bid Process guaranteeing a contract for 7.8 million to his friend -Willie Perez, Regional Director of Professional Security Consultants. The community was outraged, but Your texts to your friend Willie Perez, Which have been made public stated , that you were comfortable with the decision and were moving forward, Even though Mr. Perez  has been reported in several media outlets as sending graphic sexual photos to city staffers.

2. Mayor Keith James Attempted to push through Commission  on Consent, a Pay-off of $180,000 as Hush Money to silence the Sex Scandals which prevail in City Hall. Consent Items, are normally used for Non-controversial agenda items that need no discussion, thankfully the commissioners stopped this – and pulled the item off of consent– not blessing this Hush Money Pay-off by our Mayor.

3.  It is alleged that some of the participants involved in this sex scandal, are from the highest ranking city employees.

4.  Mayor Keith James your City Manager, Mr. Jeff Greene and members of the Mayor’s Blue Martini Cigar Club,(which included the awardee of the 7.8 million dollar contract, Mr. Perez) have been accused of sexual harassment; ménage a trois with several city employees ; even rape; but yet by the public admission of the City Attorney no inquiry or investigation was undertaken  by City Administration, much less any  law enforcement investigations were conducted.

5. It was not until Rep. Matt Willhite wrote a letter to the Governor asking for an independent investigation- that any of these matters were discussed to be investigated by an independent agency.

Be assured come April, we will be ready.

complete Florida Statute  chapter 100.361