Related Property: The Flats at Rosemary Square

When residents become frustrated with city officials we have the right to appear before them and have 3 minutes to express our grievances. Most of the time it doesn’t help and turns out to be a waste of time. What do you do? You write about it, and that does help.

I was made aware of a new website written by a concerned citizen and he writes about Rosemary Square formally City Place and he tells of “The Flats at Rosemary Square” a review written by residents who live there and he posted pictures to make his point. I hope you take the time to read his story  below and I feel his frustration when he writes about a building  that constantly floods, apartments full of mold and mildew, a fire alarm that goes off day and night, and other problems with possible stealing of electricity and water.  He writes:

“As a current tenant I feel it is my duty to warn other potential renters about why they should not rent from The Flats at Rosemary Square in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This property is owned by Related Group and is managed by TRG Management Company.
The fact that this website even has to exist is a testament to the lack of interest of the management of this property.

I made many attempts to resolve my concerns with the on-site management, the district manager, and the TRG group who is the property manager, but the same issues continue to happen week after week, and month after month.

Sadly, I am not the only one who feels this way. There are many reviews on the internet warning people to stay away from this rental property. Also, I have spoken to many current tenants, all who have their own unresolved issues and concerns with this property.”

If that isn’t enough reason to be grateful you don’t rent an apartment at The Flats, here is 1 more story concerning Related and Condo’s they sold.

“Their condos were missing a room — so they’re suing real estate giant Related Group The biggest real estate developer in Miami-Dade has been accused of stiffing customers who bought condominiums marketed as “one bedroom + den” in size — but the den never showed up.

Read more below:”

This is the same Related that City Commissioners unanimously voted (1/13/2020)  allowing another 21 story building containing 325 additional rental apts.

Story written by PB Post reporter Tony Doris on the City Commission meeting held 1/13.2020.

“City say’s “yes” to 21-story apartment tower site plan on Rosemary Square ex-Macy’s site.”

Read the story below: