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2/11/2020  I attended the forum to hear the answer’s of 2 sitting City Commissioners, Lambert & Shoaf and their challengers Sylvester & Walker.  One comment made by Ms. Walker was don’t tell the residents what you are going to do but “put it in writing.”  What a concept. One woman in the audience thought her suggestion was “brilliant” and approved of her message. Imagine asking any politician to sign anything but their paycheck. The election will be held on 3/17/2020 and my first disappointment was the small number of people who took the time to attend and learn about the candidates before voting.

There was one learning moment for me when former Mayor Jeri Muoio addressed the crowd asking for their support in passing the 30 million dollar tax bond for parks.
Jeri stated the 30 million would be used for 20 parks throughout the city. Do you live near one of the lucky chosen parks? The City has not told us what 20 parks will get a re-do. Probably the same ones done with the 20 million park bond voted for in 2000.
She also mentioned there would be an “oversite committee” to monitor how our tax dollars would be spent on parks.  You do realize the mayor will appoint the oversite committee, and already I am suspicious. Jeri left forms for folks to fill out if they want to contribute to the park bond so they can inundate us with signs and flyers suggesting we vote yes for the bonds.

Also mentioned was State Rd. 7 and a very important meeting to be held in front of the TPA (Transportation Planning Agency) on 2/20/2020 @9:00AM @ 301 Datura St, WPB.  One of the speakers  mentioned there would be buses available. Who’s paying for the buses, and will they be used for the western community as before?  A complaint was made to the Inspector General after Geri rented buses to transport residents from Ibis to the fairgrounds and t-shirts made for residents who were opposed to the State Road 7 extension.
The City spent a total of $3,509.75 tax payer dollars to provide individuals from the western  communities with t-shirts, stickers and transportation for individuals to attend a March 21, 2012 FDOT (Florida Dept. of Transportation) public hearing regarding the proposed extension of State Road 7.  Read the letter from the OIG to the City of WPB below.

If you were in favor of the extension you didn’t receive t-shirts, stickers, and we had to find our own way to the event. That is how the city takes care of residents if you don’t live in a gated community. If State Road 7 and the multiple millions the city has wasted fighting it please try and attend this very important meeting and speak up. The western community will show up in force.

2/13/2020 Another forum with the SENA (South End Neighborhood Assoc.) The people living in the south end of the city take politics very seriously as the room was packed with residents. Of course we had to listen to another spiel on how important the Park Bond is to the city before residents are informed and allowed to speak on issues important to the south end, namely 8111 So. Dixie and the plan to narrow the car lanes on South Flagler.

Stephen received applause when he announced he was endorse by La Guia News – the top Hispanic newspaper in West Palm Beach.  Commissioner Lambert is Hispanic, what does that tell you? What do they know that we don’t?  Read the story below. 


Stephen’s vision for the 8111 So Dixie property. He would like to see mixed use – residential and restaurants, boat dock access, and stated “this has  been sitting idle way too long – let’s get going”  The room exploded with applause.  When Stephen mentioned this 6 acre piece of property, Lambert interrupted him saying it was 20 acres. Well, hell how many acres are there? It’s in her District 5, she is the commissioner. Was Stephen wrong? I checked, the property is just under 7 acres. I repeat, it’s her district.

Lambert endorsements.
Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, Palm Beach County Commissioner Mack Bernard, Palm Beach County Commissioner Gregg Weiss, Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth.  Don’t they realize Lambert has voted every time against the extension of State Road 7 and WPB has battled the County and spent untold millions for years over the issue?

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James &  Fmr. West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio along with Mayor Lois Frankel.  The last three endorsements she should want.  Look at the damage James has caused in less than a year in office with lawsuits and a recall petition to remove him from office, and Muoio who is working hard to insure voters pass the Park Bond. What did Jeri do with the money collected after voters passed the penny sales tax to be used for parks. Millions raised. Where is the money? Frankel who first brought Willie Perez and PSC Security to WPB. Good news. Frankel has a challenger, namely Laura Loomer. If Loomer wins what will Frankel run for next? The School Board along with the Sheriff’s office and the ACC (Animal Care and Control) have no term limits.

West Palm Beach Commissioner Kelly Shoaf, West Palm Beach Commissioner Joe Peduzzi, and lets not forget West Palm Beach Commissioner-Elect Christy Fox. Lambert, along with Shoaf and Peduzzi were a no show at the commission meeting when they were needed to cancel the contract with PSC Security, all voted for One Flagler, a development the County, Palm Beach and residents are opposed too. Christy Fox, a one time employee of Related, and I have no doubt the 3rd. vote in any new development Related wants to build on our shrinking waterfront if Lambert and Shoaf are re-elected.

Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches.   I repeat Related and the Chamber are thisclose. Related wants to build and the first one to approach the City Commissioners is Dennis Grady, President and CEO of the Chamber. Commissioners vote yes on the project. God forbid they don’t receive their endorsement and money.

In my opinion the city needs the Park Bond before they run out of taxpayer money. Hopefully voters will use their common sense when they visit the poll’s.