Open Letter to Commissioners and Mayor

On 2 separate occasions Commissioner James voted to approve $114 million dollars to developer Michael Mananoff to build a mixture of office, hotel, and residential space north of downtown tri rail station. Thankfully it went nowhere and $114 million was saved from developers.

Here’s the question: The city obviously has millions for a developer, so why are they asking residents to vote for a $30 million Park Bond? Appears they already have the money, why aren’t they applying those dollars to for parks?  Saving it for another developer? James was very generous with taxpayer dollars as a commissioner. No holding him back as Mayor. Please remember this story when you are in the polling booth wondering if you should vote yes or no on the Park Bond. Please read the CRA minutes for July 17, 2017  Item #8 here:   07172017 CRA minutes

CRA minutes for 1/9/17 item #2     01092017 CRA minutes

James hires a new Police Chief Frank Adderley. Soon after taking command of the department Adderley stood at a podium at a commission meeting and stated he was told (I assume by James) the department was short 5 officers, and Adderley learns 25 officers are needed. Adderley is now aware he is working for a mayor who lies is less than honest. Residents knew he lied was less than honest 1 month after being sworn in as mayor.
Here’s the question:  Why aren’t they using part of the $114 million to hire the needed 25 officers? If you are being attacked who would you want to come to your aid, a cop with a gun or a security officers if you can find one.

Commissioner Lambert:
County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay apparently pulled her endorsement of Lambert “due to blatant lies in 2 recent campaign emails” Double click the Tweet to enlarge and read the entire message, McKinlay obviously has ethics, and I was shocked to hear Lambert lied was less than honest.

One of my biggest disappointments in City government is Commissioner Richard Ryles who ran successfully against Christie Fox in 2018. Residents worked extremely hard to insure he was successful, and his voting record as a commissioner proved to us he gave thought to his vote and actually listened to residents. We were hopeful.

Fox decided to run in 2020 again challenging Ryles and he has decided not to seek re-election.
Friend’s of mine attended a forum at the DNA Speakeasy Political gathering at Voltaire, and mentioned it was very dark with a small crowd. The candidates spoke for approximately one minute and the real reason for the forum was another spiel on the Park Bonds. Small crowd, City plan foiled. This all leads up to one story, and here it is:
Christie Fox made an appearance at the DNA Speakeasy and my friend spoke to her about concerns residents were having with development and traffic throughout the city. Fox response: “Traffic caused by a 5 story building was the same as a 25 story building”  Commissioner Ryles, you let a Fox in the hen house and not a bright one but will listen to the Mayor, “staff” developers and the Chamber of Commerce.