Consent Calendar The City’s Best Friend!

City of West Palm Beach City Commission DRAFT AGENDA April 20, 2020 5:00 P.M.

CONSENT CALENDAR (3-11) Consent Calendar is usually passed without discussion, as in the $180,000.00 they tried to slip by residents with the payoff of a former city employee who has now filed a lawsuit against the city and started an investigation against Mayor James.

Item # 6. Resolution No. 111-20 authorizing a letter of support to the Florida Department of Transportation for the Lane Elimination planned for the Broadway Improvements Project from 25th Street to 45th Street.

The city states: “As one of the highest traveled corridors in Palm Beach County, Broadway (State Road 5/ US Highway 1) is the ideal location for storefronts and businesses that will contribute to business expansion and commercial revitalization”

“Background: Transportation staff is proposing to submit a Lane Elimination Application to the Florida Department of Transportation to eliminate vehicular travel lane(s) on Broadway from 25th Street to 45th Street.

The city is telling us Broadway is one of highest traveled corridors so why would they remove a travel lane? Do they have any knowledge of gridlock? The city wants to eliminate auto traffic and have residents walking and biking. New York has attempted to eliminated much of the traffic in the city and you can see people walking the streets in the thousands. How’s that working out for them being the epicenter of the Carona Virus?

Item #10. Resolution No. 110-20 approving the City’s intent to engage in mandatory conflict resolution procedures in an action filed against the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency regarding an amendment to its Long Range Transportation Plan that added a project extending and widening State Road 7.

“During the February 20th meeting, the TPA approved the SR 7 Amendment adding the SR 7 Project to the plan. The approval of the SR 7 Amendment has created a conflict between the City and the TPA. The specific legal challenges are identified in the Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief filed with the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit on March 23, 2020 and attached as Exhibit A to Resolution No. 110-20. The relief requested includes entry of an order 1) declaring the TPA’s passage of the SR 7 Amendment failed to comply with applicable federal regulations and state law, as well as the TPA’s own by-laws”

That tells me the city is willing to spend thousands more, on top of the millions already spent to stop the State Road 7 extension. Why do City Commissioners allow the money to be spent? Easy answer the residents in the west don’t want to deal with the traffic so commissioners allow lawsuit after lawsuit because the western communities vote and the rest of WPB can’t be bothered. We do this injustice to ourselves and continue dealing with Commissioners who find it easier to listen to “Staff” than residents.

Item # 11. Resolution No. 114-20 approving a funding interlocal agreement between the City of West Palm Beach and the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency for repaving a portion of Flagler Ave. adjacent to the Old City Hall development.

Resolution No. 115-20 approving the project participation agreement between Navarro Lowrey, Inc., and the City of West Palm Beach for repaving a portion of Flagler Drive, adjacent to the Ben Hotel, the site of the Old City Hall development.

Navarro Lowrey built the Ben Hotel and most of the damage was done during construction. Why are taxpayers footing the cost of the repair? Did someone’s palm get greased?

Read the entire agenda below. it will take longer to recite the Pledge of Allegiance that pass the agenda. Read entire agenda below.

DRAFT City Commission Agenda _04_20_20