Did You Vote?

The figures below were supplied by the PBC Supervisor of Elections, and I have included the link below if you are interested in reading the entire report.

Choice                                                    Votes
For Bonds (NON)                                 12,515
Against Bonds (NON)                           2,729
No. of voters         15,244

Choice                                                                 Votes
Christina D’Elosua Lambert (NON)                9,634
Stephen Sylvester (NON)                                   5,040
No of votes             14,674

Choice                                                                  Votes

Kelly Shoaf                                                           10,454
Martina Tate-Walker (NON)                           3,718
No of votes            14,172

Breakdown of registered voters in WPB.
Total        Dems        Reps        NPA            Other
73,300     36,281      16,095    19,828         1,096

WPB has 73,300 Reg. voters and 15,244 took the time to vote.
I cannot understand the discrepancy between the number of votes. Residents who voted for the Park Bond and the number of votes for the candidates. Did some go to the polls just to vote for the bond and did not choose a candidate?

November 2018 Susan Bucher was the Supervisor of Elections.
My personnel experience with the PBC election office occurred when a friend of mine made a trip to their office to inform them that her mother had passed away and asked her name be removed from the election rolls. While she was there, she requested a copy of her voting record only to find it did not contain her recent vote in November. She complained and asked her husband to check his voting record. He did and found his vote was counted. He also asked for his wife’s record and found it had been corrected.
When she shared this information with me, I immediately made the trip and asked for my voting record. My record showed I had not voted. I was upset and told them I definitely had voted. On my return the following day my record was corrected. I filed a complaint with the State Elections office and received a call asking me if I filled out my own ballot, and I assured them I did. End of story.

Jul 21, 2017 “A Palm Beach County commissioner and a state House member clinched their seats last year by stepping into voters’ homes and helping them fill out their mail-in ballots, a Palm Beach Post investigation has found. Commissioner Mack Bernard and Rep. Al Jacquet, both Democrats running in the August primary, took advantage of gaping holes in Florida’s vote-by-mail laws to pressure and cajole voters in their living rooms.”
Read the story below:

Governor DeSantis replaced Susan Bucher with Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link, and the ballot returned to “fill in the circle” and away from “connect the arrow” I was in line at 7:00 AM to vote and after being checked for my voter card and picture ID I was handed my ballot. After voting I walked to the counting machine and my ballot was rejected twice for “double voting”. I was assisted by a clerk who placed it in the machine and again it was rejected. The problem was the ballots are so thin I was handed 2 ballots together and didn’t realize it. I hope they return to thicker ballots in the future.

I no longer trust the voting system and it doesn’t matter if you vote in person or absentee ballot. There is talk of voting by computer like that would be safe from hacking, and I personally would never vote by absentee ballot.

I will share one more story. I asked a neighbor if he voted for the tax bond, and he said he didn’t vote because of the Carona Virus. He was afraid, and I understood until he mentioned he went to Sams for supplies. There was at least 100-125 people standing in line. So many people needing toilet paper.

Hurricane Season
Starts in June and ends in November. Now is the time to prepare and homeowners have always enjoyed the City’s Amnesty Program which ran April through May when trees can be trimmed back and placed on the street for pickup, and the city didn’t place restrictions on the size. This was a cost saving for homeowners and helped clear property. I imagine many roofs and cars were spared the damage of falling trees.

Mayor Keith James has decided to eliminate the Amnesty Program “until further notice” and has the audacity to claim it is because of the Carona Virus.
This will cost homeowners hundreds of dollars and comes at a time when people have lost their jobs and desperately waiting for $1,200 stimulus checks from the Federal Government.
“Until further notice” will not be coming anytime soon while he holds court over WPB.
Read the entire report from the PBC Supervisor of Elections below.