PRR, Bank Loan & Gideon Security

Below is my request for PRR for Jeff Green, City Administrator.
From: Sandy Matkivich <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2019 8:39 AM
To: CityClerk <[email protected]>
Subject: PRR Jeff Green
I am requesting City Administrator Jeff Green’s annual salary along with what benefits he receives, and please include any monies he has been reimburse from the city.
I am looking for the entire year of 2018 and 2019 from 1/1 2019 until 9/20/2019
Please acknowledge request received.
Sandy Matkivich

I received a quick response from the city, and imagine my surprise when I was given these figures.
2017-2018     2018-2019
112.13946     115.50364

Read for yourself the city’s response below, and check out staff’s  benefits, courtesy of taxpayers.

Jeff Greens salary

Jeff Green annual salary is $220,000.00/ year.  He misled by $104,496.36.
When I reported this James looked down the dais and Green sat there with a smile on his face.

A PRR is a joke to Green who has misled lied about other requests I have made, like how much the city collected from the fire fee and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) He lied by millions on both requests.

I want readers to take a PRR seriously. Here is a story on the front page of the PB Post on 9/24/19  “County wants to keep records private. Officials want 10 exemptions to public scrutiny; Media attorney’s raise alarm.”

Here’s the con on this. Get this on the book, and then add on the exemptions and lets include city and state.


Switching gears.
At the City Commission held 9/23/19 Item #11 was pulled. It read: Resolution No.308-19 authorizing settlement of of several lawsuits related to the Waterview Towers Condidominium, Inc; and several individual owners, Leisure Resorts, LLC; Palm Harbor Hotel,LLC; and the city related to development of the upland parcel at Palm Harbor Marina.
In my opinion the City Commissiones had this item pulled, and if true they did the right thing. No free land to developers.

Item #15: “Resolution No. 314-19 and 315-19(F) authorizing the issuance of a Special Obligation Note for a loan in an amount not to exceed $20,000,000 from STI Institutional & Government,Inc. to fund various identified projects”
The city is borrowing 20 million from SunTrust Bank.
After leaving the meeting I noticed Item 8 which reads:Resolution No 303-19 waiving a potential conflict of interest relating to Holland and Knight’s representation of SunTrust Banks, Inc. in connection with a loan to the city. Motion passed. Holland and Knight represents the city of WPB as Federal Lobbyists.
This could be completely innocent but I mistrust city officals and wonder if there is more to this conflict of interest.

The city lists 24 capital improvements it wants to make.
What is missing from the list is any mention of the roads on and around North Flagler Dr. that continually flood, and have for the last 40 years.

What surprised me is (4) Fire Dept. EMS vehicle and (3) Fire Dept.Pumpers. Ask your self Why did the Mayor and Commissioners double the Fire Fee from $50.00 to $100.00 if a bank loan will purchase these 7 unit’s?

When Commissioner James voted for development he always softened the blow by declaring he was going to insist that minorities were given a chance. Let’s see if he meant that.

As you remember a no bid contract was recently awarded to PSC Security with a $8.5 million contract.
Gideon Security, who patrolled certain area’s of the city was not allowed to bid on the contract.

Approxamately 12-15 members of Gideon showed up, in uniform, to request the city re-consider their vote and open the process to bidding. Most speakers made a simple statement using little time, while some were running over the 3 minutes and James stopped them in their tracks.
My heart ached for one woman who tried not to cry when she said she would not have a job at the end of the month.

James responded at the end to the people “trying to pull on their heart strings” and it was  “disingenuous” of them.
Webster Dictionary: disingenuous “not candid or sincere.”  Really, what the hell did he hear when people were pleading for their jobs?

To the question above: Let’s see if he meant that.
All people who pled for their jobs—-all looked like him.


Where PSC got it’s start in WPB. Former Mayor Lois Frankel with Willie Perez. They look really close, don’t they.